Monday, May 23, 2011

Housewifery is hard

Well, really I think in my case it is mostly that time management bedevils me since I mostly just skip doing things I don't find fun. And I do only the stuff I want. Like a giant spoiled toddler that can read and has bizarrely adult taste in television.

Anyway, some new resolutions are getting up and getting outside when Sam goes off to work. Even if the outside part involves bribing myself with like Argo Tea visits (its like Starbucks but for tea and is awesome, also has coffee, and is only in NYC, Chicago-it was borned here-and St. Louis and Evanston, but check it out at ORD if you have a big layover). But hey Argo tea visit + kindle would be a nice start to any morning.

I have also resolved to plan the meals for the week in advance. Then I can give Sam the shopping list over the weekend while I am in a store, and I should have 90% of my needs for the week. Occasionally I will need to add to the pile but often at midweek farmer's markets. At least for the summer. I do much better at getting a meal made when I have both the recipie and the supplies to do it.

The dual work thing has been fine mostly. Not as much time for projects as I had hoped but due to an emergency in the quilt store family and an unexpected person quitting at the retail chain I got seriously over scheduled for a couple of weeks (well I mean I got full regular job schedules), so that of course cut into crafting time. I did get a lot of work done on one project that I might be able to finish today. And I gave myself a deadline for the big wedding quilt I have been working on since time began.