Friday, June 29, 2007

Marathon of Fun: Clowns and Nazi boats

I saw the MacBeth, and it was in credible. The audience was small, but we were so with them! It was fantastic. It was intense. It was hilarious. I think everyone must go. I can't really begin to say more.

Then there was the part afterwards when I got a birthday hug from Angie and an aborted birthday hug from Paul. Anna, Branson, and I were talking to him and he found out it was my birthday, and he made the beginning of a move that would've been a "Hey, I am hugging the birthday person!" but he pulled the arms down in the middle of it and just didn't hug me. My roommates and brother thought that was hilarious. I swear to God. That whole thing has just entered a whole new phase of weird. Does he think I am going to hump his leg if he does anything at all that could be interpreted as encouragement? For the record, I am not going to hump his leg. At least not unless he asks me.

As for Nazi boats, my brother and I went way down to the Museum of Science and Industry where we played around with farm stuff in farm tech, and then we boarded a Nazi U boat that we had captured in WWII. It was pretty freaking amazing, and they let me sit on one of the stools in the little control room. It ruled.

Thursday, June 28, 2007

Marathon of Fun: Yippi-ki-yay-motherfucker!

So "Live Free or Die Hard" kind of totally rules. My brother and I went to it last night and had pizza. Then I went home and did some laundry and chopped a bunch of my hair off.

It is quite full and bouncy now.

And it is my birthday. So, I look all cute (even wearing a skirt), and we are going to see the clowns tonight--yes, it is possible clown obsession/crush may have something to do with looking extra cute. There will probably also be drinking and other fesitivities.

Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Marathon of Fun: Where baby bears win baseball games

Dude, Wrigley Field is awesome!! It just is. You are as close to the players there as you are to them in little bitty hometown minor league stadiums. You can practically shake their hands, and in some places you can (Jeff Davis works for a big company that has seats behind the cubs dugout, and once the players shared sunflower seeds with him).

The bleachers (where we sat--Jeff, my brother, and myself) are some rowdy cubs loving fans. They get crazy about everything. Although since we were winning and the game was kind of close, we never got around to telling right field how much they suck (we were seated in the heart of left field). The stadium was almost entirely free of crappy top 40 music (thanks to the organist) and completely jumbotron free. This blew my little west coast mind because most of our shit is new and comes with big blinky Microsoft sponsored everything signs.

I am not the hugest sports fan, but watching a game in Wrigley is a pleasure. If you can ever get bleacher seats, go--even if you don't like baseball or sports. Bleacher seat people watching is a phenomenal sport in itself. A group of three late 20's, early 30's bachelors in front of us were our favorite people to watch--we knew they were bachelors by their behavior, ain't no way they were going home to a girlfriend or wife. They came up with a cheer to taunt the Rockies left fielder early on in the game, and boy did they stay with it! They were quite proud of their succint cleverness. The players last name was Holliday, and they just shouted "Holli-GAY" over and over again. Jeff and I just giggled because it was in fact so SOOOO so dumb.

Plus, Cubs win! It was awesome.

Tonight: deep dish Chicago style pizza from Pizzeria Uno and John McClane returns

Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Marathon of Fun: Fun in Circles

Monday my brother went to the zoo by himself, and then we met up with his friend Matt (who was stationed with him in Arizona but is from greater Chicagoland) and Matt's sister Heather (get it!!! they both have sisters named Heather who live in and around Chicago!--so not as amazing to she and I). Then we picked up one of Heather's friends and drove down to Navy Pier.

There we ate a Bubba Gump's Shrimp Factory--where I excelled at the Forrest Gump Trivia (imagine that I actually knew the name of the theatre Gary Sinise cofounded in Chicago, and I also knew Forrest went to the University of Alabama). Then we rode the Ferris Wheel, the Wave Swinger, and the Carousel. The Carousel at Navy Pier is for babies, and so not worth it. The Ferris Wheel is kind of awesome. The view is fantastic and we were up there as the sun was setting into the buildings of the skyline. The Wave Swinger was just so very county fair.

After that, my brother went out to punk rock Monday with my roommates and Branson. They closed the bar down. They also made all the guy friends of Janna and Renee (the people they see out at that bar) really antsy--because what were these guys they were at their bar with. I slept. I suck at fun marathons.

Today, there will be bleacher seats in the outfield at the Cubs Game. Tom will hold them for Jeff and I after he explore Wrigleyville on game day.

More later.

Monday, June 25, 2007

Some shopping math

I know, I know, three posts in one day. But I had to share this! At work we get to buy things for ourselves from our vendors as long as we have terms with them. Well a very trendy t-shirt place that sells dresses and yoga pants and just generally casual hipster clothers in plain yet vibrant colors with little to no decoration, is a favorite of mine. I however, I have never really been able to bring myself to shop there because $30 for a plain t-shirt is just way too freaking much!

Then I got their wholesale price list. I bought 24 pieces from wifebeaters and tank tops to a chemise to dresses and a bunch of cute t's with a tube top or two for good measure. They cost me $126.25 plus shipping regular fed ex from California. That is about $5.25 each not bad for t's and tanks--sort of like a good old navy sale. However, these are a little higher quality than old navy, and their retail value (if I had bought them online or in the store near the Pier 1 where I work part time) would've been $556 plus tax ($606.04 here). I saved $429.75 while buying really trendy, comfy clothes much of which I can wear to either job!!!!!! WOW! I am totally psyched about this. It rules!

Just FYI

Online Dating

Mingle2 - Online Dating

Marathon of fun pt 1: Pride Brother

While people I love lots are in town (two groups from last Saturday until July 4), I am going to be posting under the headline "Marathon of Fun" because that is what it will feel like.

My brother came into town on Saturday afternoon--where my wonderful roommate picked him up from Midway. As soon as I got home from work, we left my neighborhood to go to the UIC Pavillion where we watched the Chicago Sky play the Washington Mystics (that is the WNBA for all concerned).

Ummm, the sky apparently don't are a little fuzzy on the concept of defense, and have all been reading "The Secret" so they have no use for rebounding. If they followed their shots that would assume that they wouldn't make them, and they believe they make them, so they cannot ever follow their shots. They also don't rebound defensively, so maybe they just don't like it. The Mystic chiquitas are MEAN! Holy elbow throwing under the hoop! Watching the game was pretty fun. They gave us fun noisy clapper things, and near the end of the game, basically the entire audience was invited to come out onto the floor and dance to that song that tells you what to do. Then we went out for beers and excellent appetizers downtown, while my brother rubbernecked at the very tall buildings before heading home and to bed.

The next morning, we arose bright and early to go to a champagne breakfast before the parade--the Pride Parade. That was fun, and we saw roller derby girls in costumes rolling down my street en masse on the way to the staging area. That was sweet. The Parade was fun, but we couldn't quite stay for the whole thing--we wer not quite drunk or gay enough. Even our token gay man got gayed out. So we went back to his place to barbeque and hang out.

Tonight will be Navy Pier and hoofing it around downtown. Tomorrow night cubs game, from the bleacher seats--which apparently is all fun all the time.

Wednesday, June 20, 2007

The internet in my apartment is ran by satan

I swear, just when we have it fixed, it gives up the ghost. However, my roommate Janna is the one who must deal with it, and she is gone until tomorrow. So this is a quick one from work.

Although, I am worrying about the fact that now that I think on it, it may have been connected to the internet but my browser just wasn't playing nicely. That could be a whole other problem. Well, crap.

Also, I might have to work at Pier 1 tonight because someone may or may not be quitting by just not showing up. That sucks, especially because I know it will impinge upon my freedom later in the summer too. Unless we freaking hire some people already!

Also, still keep forgetting to purchase birthday gift for a roommate who's birthday was almost a week ago now. I know what I want. I am just not getting my ass in gear enough.

Monday, June 18, 2007


Seeing the head of my grad school theatre department and his wife was outstanding. They are lovely, and we kind of surprised him for his birthday by making more people show up out of nowhere. We talked and laughed and drank, and had a marvelous time.

Then he gave me permission to kick people out of the theatre company we are starting because not everyone is helpful, and the person driving the boat needs to know that. I love him.

I also saw Chris Jozwiak. I am to tell everyone that he is a real, live socialist. Plus he bought dinner. I love him. He and Em and Holly and I bonded. He and I are plotting a terrorist action against a certain evil spawn we all know and hate. It was fantastic.

My weekend was fantastic, I love my life. I also love my dearest friends. I love the ones I get to see and the ones I am with through our blogosphere and all of them. No matter what stupid crap happens to or between them.

Friday, June 15, 2007

I got flowers

Or at least a little pot with two yellow gerbera daisies in it. My friend Shavahn gave them to me as a thank you for working for her tomorrow morning at Pier 1. It was very sweet of her.

There are no seamen at my house tonight (sorry Jim, this joke was just too easy, I have to make these jokes). There was a lockdown at their barracks, so they are stranded and hope to come up tomorrow. At least I didn't put seamen and come in the same sentence--wait, too late!

I am kind of sleepy mcsleeperton right now. So is Renee and I made her stay awake to talk to me. Also we had margaritas at work. It was awesome.

Thursday, June 14, 2007

Clowns and monsters are good

Frankenstein was great!!! It really was. There were crazy great stunts, lots of funny, lots of scary, they made Kevin cry (which I don't like), there was Paul in a wifebeater, what was there not to like? My roommate loved it too. I want to go again.

I should be cleaning my room right now in preparation for seamen coming to my house. That's right, I said seamen. Three of them. And a sea girl.

Also at least by Sunday I get Lee-Painter hugs!!!!!

Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Holy comment drama

I mean, really. Wow.

I promise to shut up and quit being whiny.

I really should be cleaning my room. Or paying my bills or fucking sleeping, but I am chatting with my friend Matt, the sailor.

I should maybe be sleeping.

I am seeing the clowns tomorrow.

I need to go.

Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Computer scare

So, I was about to blog about how my stupid computer wouldn't let me log onto my user name with my password, that I knew was correct when (imposing music here) it wouldn't let me log onto blogger with the same password! At this point I pulled up a word thingy and tried it out, and it turns out one of the letters on my keyboard sticks like a bitch. This is a new development, but it should be pretty solvable now. This is a tremendous relief. Because I don't know what I would've done if I had locked myself out of my administrator user name. That would suck.

Actually, I would've called or emailed Donald or Chrissy's friend t-bert (who thinks I am a babe) since they are the biggest computer nerds I know. If anyone knew how to loophole around my password, they would. However, it did not have to come to that. Although feel free to be indignant if I didn't mention you, but you could've helped me.

I have a dilemma. Part of me wants to keep this little dilemma to myself and part of me wants to put it to my loyal public to see what advice they would give me. It is romantical in nature, and pertains to a certain someone far, far away who I talk to on the phone with freakish regularity (particularly since he is not related to me in anyway--well, because that would make the romantical nature really, really weird).

We are both going to be at a wedding this summer (that means you Sara and John). A wedding where many of the guests (like myself) will be renting hotel rooms. I was hoping to share a hotel room because well, I am kind of poor, plus hotel room slumber parties can be fun (I offer up many an ACTF as an example). Now, herein lies the problem. Chris Plummer has invited me to share with him and Luke Daigle which would be a way fun slumber party (and no I would not be stupid with/about the Daigle, I feel quite confident that it only took me two tries to learn that lesson in a pretty hard fashion). However, anything romantical with the certain romantical person would not work out so well in my room, if I were sharing it with the boys. There has been a wee teeny (and I mean hardly any) talk of me and the romantical person sharing a hotel room, but that gives me pause. I mean, that sort of implies a promise. If we share a room, we share a bed, etc. Now, I am pretty sure that the implied sharing is going to happen anyway, so why not save each of us a little money and get some privacy, but somehow I am still reticent about that, and I don't know why. I am a grown up. He's a grown up. Neither of us are seeing anyone. Why not? If we didn't live so freaking far away from each other, I have little doubt we would already be involved in some sort of relationship thingy, but we do live far, far apart. I don't know. But, if I am going to get a hotel room, I kind of should do it soon. Auugh. Why am I such a wreck when it comes to things romantical?

Monday, June 11, 2007

So tired

The great thing is that I am tired because I have been doing so much good stuff. The bad thing is that I am tired. I went to see my friend Sabrina's sketch comedy show tonight. Her sketch was my favorite. It was four girls on a car trip. Tough girl Sabrina with a three air heads who don't understand how to play road trip games. It was very funny.

Also funny, Bloody Pulp Fiction--which was just reworked scenes from Pulp Fiction with Dracula and Frankenstein in the place of Samuel L Jackson and John Travolta.

Ummm, I feel like I have a lot more to say but I am just too tired to type.

Sunday, June 10, 2007

Holy Shit I had a busy weekend!!!

It was so busy I will just lay it out in the form of a list:

went out to eat at the Chicago Firehouse
saw Wicked
stayed up way too late talking on the phone

went to the printer's row book fair downtown
went to the Chicago Blues Fest (stopping by Buckingham Fountain)
went shopping
saw "Knocked Up" and "Shrek 3"
went to Navy Pier for fireworks (overheard some of the Fallout Boy concert on nearby island and ran into all sorts of random people I know)
went out for pizza
hung out and drank with my friends

went to the Old Town Art Fair
went to the Farm at the Lincoln Park Zoo
went to the Lincoln Park Conservatory
went to work at Pier One
watched some of the Tony's

My feet hurt, and I am exhausted but happy

Thursday, June 07, 2007


Today, it is just everything. So many random things are happening at work (random and vaguely awful, but not really bad for me) that are all bad. I would tell you about them if I could, but some of them are to be kept on the DL, at least for the time being--maybe later.

By the way, totally blogging from work since the internet at home is still not playing well with others (and by others I mean my freaking laptop).

So, this is all I really have time for. When my internet gets unbroken I will come back, I swear.

Hey, if Jim is reading this or Donald or anyone who has Alan's blog addy, please leave it in the comments for me. I lost it in the computer death this winter.

Sunday, June 03, 2007

Quick Trip

The wedding was great fun. There was a giggle loop that just would not stop!!! We nearly burst out laughing at the reception during the little blessing the priest gave mostly because it started when he was talking about the Lord of the Rings during the homily at the wedding. We are truly terrible people, but this means Ken Franke's wedding is the nerdiest of all.

Plus we hung out and drank and chatted and watched Ken dance (because our little techie is a dancing fool when he goes and gets married on us). The trip was very quick and surreal.

The first bus trip was marked by a very angry woman on the bus who yelled at the bus driver for an hour. The second bus trip was chock full of sleeping and only memorable in the fact that I had to walk to the red line and take a long walk home at the end of it since it was before the brown line started running on Sunday mornings.

Umm, it looks like my brain is still fried from lack of sleep. Hopefully that will be fixed (at least somewhat) by Monday.