Thursday, January 29, 2009

Oh kitty!

My cat has been odd lately. A lot more cuddly than usual, but I think that may be related to kitty anxiety. Steve McQueen has a bad or sad lonely day and then ambushes us for cuddles when we come in the door after work. He also leaves a puddle of cat hair on the couch. He is such a weirdo. But I guess more snuggling is better than no snuggling. Or less.

Unrelated, lately I feel like I have learned lately that I seem to be a head of or an early adopter of some trends, but I think this is pure accident. Well and lots of unfettered internet access with some time to use it everyday to relieve the slog of the workday. So I twitter (a little not on my phone) and I have a collection of reliable bloggers who find cool pop culture and political tidbits, and I look in on them at lunch and in lulls, so I tend to know stuff pretty quickly. This is very weird to me becuase I generally feel like I am the last one to know about everything.

Monday, January 26, 2009

thank you chrissy


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Friday, January 23, 2009

Totally on tv

There was an insanely brief shot (well so far but I am assuming that it is all) of my office as "Platinum Cats" in the Patrick Swayze series "The Beast" last night. It is basically exactly how I see it as I walk from the bus dropping me off on Michigan and Jackson, of course when I see there is not a trashy stripper sign with lots of neon. Awesome!

I seem like a fool!

Because I listen to TBTL and laugh aloud at it often, which is kind of embarassing on the bus or walking down the street.  Chrissy, I strongly reccomend this show to you because I think you will really like it also Jim.  Others of you may not like it much I think that Robyn, Margaret and Sara Jo will be annoyed and think it a waste of your time (I am not saying you would be wrong), Jon might like it--it could go either way, Sally you just won't see what the big deal is which is probably for the best because you do not have time for it.  Sisavadty I think you will like it but it will take a few shows to get there.  Teebs you are like Jon and could go either way, either total love or total hate. 
Stupid Lauren has made me one of the tens, and I can't go the roller skate party a week from today, but I am seriously thinking of trying to force Sam's brother to go because he lives in Seattle, and I do see the stupidness of this plan.  I do see it.

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Do not worry, things are looking up

I mean in general.  There is much less crappiness than last week.  I am again in one of those funks where I just really, really wish life could in general be a little less hard like it seems to be for some people I see outside me.  I mean it probably isn't, this is just my sad puppy perception.  But I do really wish things could stay easier for more than like a week at a time.  Like where did I not learn all the life lessons that make other people seem to get by all happily, you know?  Was that what I traded in the genetic or life lottery in order to get nice legs and red curly hair?  I would gladly trade if that is the case.  And I get that I am responsible for some of the problems I had, that I made dumb choices that had foreseen and underestimated or unforseen consequences.  I get that.  But it just sucks.  I was going to expound on that, but I can't really add anything.  It sucks when you fuck things up.  It even sucks harder when you don't fuck things up but they get all fucked up anyway, that seems to be the theme song of my life lately.  Well, it is not as dire as all that, and that blanket statement could be true of any number of people I know many of whom are like myself far happier and healthier than a lot of others at the specific point in time in which I write this.  I have many things to be thankful for.  And it would probably do me well to be thankful for them and to focus on the things I can change.

Monday, January 19, 2009


Because you know my life needed my job to be totally sucky and kind of bogus after suffering through the hard bits in my personal life, it decided to try to kill me with stupidity and misery all rolled up into one.  There is a trade show in Miami Beach and it has been a disaster at every, every every EVERY front.  Not even joking.  Nothing has gone right, well, or smoothly and all of it has made my life miserable.  Now I take full responsibility for a few things that yeah, they should land at my door and I have been owning them.  They are relatively small wrinkles in this ocean of crashing hellish waves and actually would not have been rippling if other people had held up any tiny little part of their ends of the deal or been anything but totally procrastinative.
So yeah, Friday 4pm almost left thinking you know part time retail and busboy is better than this (because that was the moment lots of things just evaporated/disintigrated without warning), but I thought Monday can only be better main boss who I was very mad at is a whole time zone away and schmoozing which means he will NOT be talking with me, and he will be gone a week which is just totally awesome since right now I kind of want to kill him and that will definitely be time enough for me to calm down.  But was today better.  No.  No it was not.  MORE things went wrong that should not have gone wrong again if other people here had even partway done their own freaking job ad the only way I could have fixed it would have been to literally use them as a puppet to do their own job or if I did it for them, but I was already busy doing some of their job and you know MY OWN.  So yes, today worse.   Really would like a day that doesn't totally suck.  That would be great.  And at this point it doesn't even have to be a good day and will still be better than this.  By a lot!
Tomorrow seeing Spamalot!  Here is hoping that will assist in the bettering of my day.

Lauren, Lauren, Lauren

I blame you.  I blame you for corrupting my days with TBTL or its full title Too Beautiful To Live at Seattle area talk radio show that airs at night, but that I download from itunes and listen to on my ipod.  It is led by Luke Burbank who would be familiar to you if you are a big fan of "Wait, Wait . . . Don't Tell Me an NPR news Quiz" because he appears on it and does hosting duties when Peter Sagal is on vacation.  I have liked him on there for quite a while.  And Lauren kept raving about this show and how wonderful it is, and I bit.  I downloaded it one day and in hour one I was like eh, this kinda sucks, and hour two I was like well it doesn't suck but it isn't as wonderful as Lauren says, and hour three I was like motherfucking Lauren I like this.  Dammnit.  However, did I mention the three hours were just 1 days worth of this show.  Thank God I listen to podcasts at work otherwise this might ruin my sleep.
Ummm, yeah, so I also kind of reccomend it, and I want to go to their roller skate party on the 30th of January and yeah.
Also I have worked out quite a bit this weekend and my legs hurt.  They hurt.  They hurt kind of a lot.  BUT I am 1/4 of the way to the 5% initial buy myself an itouch as a reward goal (because then I can get the thingy that goes in my shoes and tracks my workout and stuff.  Which means I lost 2 pounds since initial weighing.  Only 14 more to go to 10% and 6 more to go for the 5%.  I have also saved $50 towards the purchase of said future itouch.
And as for rough patch of last week's bemoaning, considerable progess has been made towards returning to smoother patches, good progress.

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Sometimes relationships are hard

I think we all know this. The boyfriend and I are in a hard patch. I don't believe it is an unendurable hard patch, but certainly a very bracing and learning hard patch. That's really all I feel like saying about that.

For the record, no one is breaking up, no one is doing awful things to the other, nothing like that is happening. There is some fighting and some misunderstanding and some crying because that is what happens the best of us in rough patches.

Monday, January 12, 2009

bad weather bad tummy

The weather outside my window is shaping up to be just as awful as they predicted. Almost as awful as my tummy illness of today. It started last night and this afternoon I started to feel better. But suckiness of gettin over stomach flu like things is that once you can eat food again you are starving and slightly wary of being illprepared to digest all but the blandest of foods. Yeah, that as kind of gross. Sorry.

Monday, January 05, 2009

My calendar is naked

Well, not naked, but pretty bare.  Especially considering the last months and what not.  Having two jobs fills up the calendar, so does having a play, and two jobs and a play turns out to be a killer.  Right now, I am in hiatus mode on play.  I have one job.  So there is a grand total of 1 play related commitment on my January calendar and then a second maybe committment--it is rough because it conflicts with a boyfriend related thing, so it may depend on which one I go to (also on weather, if it doesn't totally suck I may go to the far off one, if it does totally suck I will NOT be going to the far off one). 
In fact my main conflicts of the moment are trips or visits.  In exactly 24 days, my parents come to town for a weekend.  In 32 days I go to Mexico, and in 47 days I go to the Pacific Northwest (kind of all of it, weather permitting we will hit Washington, Oregon, and Idaho) for 9 or 10 days.  It should be great fun. 
But boy does my calendar look unfamiliar because of it.

Sunday, January 04, 2009

Sunday, Sunday

I am tired. I had a pretty busy holiday season, and I was hoping for the New Year's portion to be a little easier, but then my sister came and my free time to accomplish things disappeared in a poof of smoke.

Anyway, as a result I was kind of a whiny brat to go home early from a birthday party on Friday night, and I fell asleep in a big heap on the bed at like 11pm and slept and slept and slept until today.

Having my sister and her boyfriend here was wonderful!! We ate out, we hung out, and we did very little other stuff besides the new year's eve party. Everything was great, and I am so glad she came.

On other news, Sam and I are trying to be better at eating and spending by trying to eat in during the week. There was a big grocery store trip today in order to prep for that. It should be fine. I am also suggesting that we drink out a little less and when we do that we don't actually need to buy drinks for everyone else every round or so.