Thursday, January 31, 2008


Today I was pretty good. Only a couple of really atrocious coughing fits. My biggest problem was the weather. It was snowing this afternoon, quite badly. I waited 30+ minutes for the bus, and then it took 30+ minutes to go what usually takes it 25 minutes tops, so I was late for Pier 1. However, since there was a storm, it was ok. But the weather meant I didn't get dinner, so at 9:30pm as we were closing up I was feeling faint having subsisted the entire day on a granola bar (or 2 depending on how you count the ones that come in the green package), a smallish microwave dinner, a few squares of dark chocolate with caramel candy bar, and a lot of peppermint tea with sugar. Yeah, 14 hours on only that. Whoops!

Anyway, potbelly's to the rescue after work and my coworker Lynn's offer of some peanuts. Holy crap was I starved. Tomorrow and Monday, I will have to rethink the meal options between job one and job two.

Oh the weather was snowy, but much, much warmer, like almost freezing! It is sick to think that that is warm.

Oh and Sally, I hear from my brother they actually closed school out there for this storm? It must be one huge storm!

Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Still Sick

I am feeling better, I just need to dry up the crap in my sinuses and make my throat stop coughing. However, I did not go to work today because I still feel crappy and it is soooooo cold and windy here. It is 2 degrees (not a typo, single digits here) with a real feel of -17. My throat would never forgive me if I ventured out in that, I would not stop coughing, it would make it hard to breathe. I cannot leave the house in that not if I want to get better. It should be warmer tomorrow, thank God!

Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Home sick and watching movies

I did go to work for the first part of the day. I got all of the basic stuff done that I needed and then headed home. My head and body just felt icky and I couldn't stop coughing, so here I am on the couch with "The Way We Were." When I first saw this movie, I was convinced that I was Katie--isn't every girl who watches it. I think I have even dated some Hubbell's, but the thing about real life Hubbell's is that they aren't as good and kind and perfect as the character Robert Redford plays. They are messier, messier like Katie who really isn't all that messy.

Watching it now--way, way after high school (or undergrad--sometime in that time span is when I first saw it, before I had ever dated anyone at all), I don't really see as much Katie in my current self as I did then. Neither of us can seem to shut up and our mouths can get us in trouble, but I am not quite the angry, force of nature she is. I'm pretty sure I am my own force of nature, but not like Katie.

Sunday, January 27, 2008


Sam made me dinner. It was excellent--some sort of chicken and green chile stew and a gruyere, ham and potato casserole. So delicious! He also made peanut butter cookies. This is what happens when I go off to work and leave him at homes on the weekend. And he tries to convince me he isn't the best boyfriend ever!

Saturday, January 26, 2008

Sam met Holly

I'm pretty sure she liked him--because how do you not like Sam? I mean really. He's great (although my younger brother is a little nervous that he is perhaps not outgoing enough for someone from our family).

Ummm, we are going out to dinner tonight and then to a party. I feel a little like I am getting a cold, but I have decided to stop being sick and start being Awesome! (Thanks Barney).

Ummmm. Not so much anything else happening.

Friday, January 25, 2008

What is the deal?

Kids (or once upon a time kids) who are or were friends with my younger siblings have found me on my space, and they want to be my friend. I don't get this. We live far apart. I know next to nothing about them except that I thought they were cute and funny when they were six, but now they can legally drink and I don't care. AT ALL. So, I feel bad actually declining them, so I let the molder in unaccepted land hoping they will just go away.

But I still don't get why they want to be my friend? Some of them I have not seen or talked to in something approaching a decade. Weird.

Thursday, January 24, 2008

A week

A very busy and not busy and uneventful week where I swear I did stuff but I sure can't remember what.

There was much sleeping in to recover from the brother visit because woowee did we drink and have fun. The Friday night I went out with friends and had the worst waiter in history (while Sam was in Virginia visiting a friend from high school).

Saturday and Sunday were consumed by season 4 of the Wire which I watched while swaddled in anything on earth that would make me feel a little bit warm because it is fucking freezing here in Chicago. The temperature right now even is not a positive number BEFORE you factor in the 10 mile an hour winds which make it colder. Yeah, nothing happened this weekend except work. It was too cold to move.

Sam came back Sunday, and I informed him I was sleeping over at his house because it is warmer. His buildings heat works really well, possibly too well, but I prefer that over the heat at my house which actually works fine, the main problem is that my room used to be outside in a porch and now it is inside and not really insulated well enough for not a porch. I needed to sleep at the warm house. He didn't mind though--turns out he might like me.

Monday was a nothing day. Tuesday I got in trouble at work for things that were not my fault by the person who's fault it actually was, but since he owns the company it turns out he gets to do that. Sam was going to make me dinner as a comfort, but he accidentally made a bottle of bar-b-que sauce fall off a shelf and explode all over his kitchen and dinner, so we ended up having to go out. Which was good, it just was awful cold to walk up the block for food.

Lake Michigan is freezing over, and I would take a picture some morning, but that would mean stopping in the cold and using cold fingers to take it, and well did I mention how flipping cold it is? Frozen Lake Michigan is pretty sweet.

Last night I ventured out again to a fundraiser for Jon, Chris, Sara, Luke, Branson, and Turpin's theatre project/company. I drank some, introduced Sam to the rest of the Idaho in Chicago gang (who were all together for the very first time ever!!!!!--this exact group anyway), and sang some karaoke. I did a duet with Chris Plummer on our song (Cruisin'), a duet with Anna on Dixie Chicks "Sin Wagon," Jamie made all the Chorus Line types sing "What I Did for Love" because she is cruel and unusual, and then I sang "The Shoop Shoop Song" all by my lonesome.

And yet it feels like nothing happened. Except it turns out I did something dumb with my finances which I am in the process of fixing. Blech.

Tomorrow I see Holly Harper and maybe Emily Gann-Korff, and they meet Sam.

Wednesday, January 16, 2008


He is in the US and here in Chicago!!!! He is at my house for a day. He called me at 3am last night from Baltimore and said he is coming. It was so good to see him. I was tearing up on the train towards the airport but was relatively well-behaved there.

He is visiting me for a day with two friends before he ends up in California. We are going to the field museum and other things.

Monday, January 14, 2008

I only got bumped by a car

I am totally fine, but I did get kind of hit by a car on Friday. I was walking (you know like you do) and a woman was pulling out of the Walgreen's parking lot onto Fullerton Ave. (which was very busy and very, very slow moving at the time). She didn't look before she started to ease out into traffic, and I had just crossed in front of her and she slowly (because it was slow enough I could kind of move sideways as it was happening in speed with the car) nudged her car into me, but she very quickly saw me and stopped. So her car touched me and I kind of like grabbed at the hood to keep from falling over, but I didn't ever fall over and I am totally unharmed. Most of Friday I kept telling people that story over and over again to see their faces. It was awesome.

I am going winter coat shopping with my Christmas gift card to Macy's tonight. I will probably also get some underwear at victoria's secret, and I imagine sam will call me and coax me out to dinner since I am already downtown and need no coaxing whatsoever to go out to dinner.

Anyway, that was the car story.

Saturday, January 12, 2008

Sorry for falling off the face of the planet

I just got busy seeing plays and people (and not just Sam) and then they cracked way down on internet usage at work, but now that I have internet at home I will try to keep better up. Or blog from Sam's itouch some more.

Momentously I discovered how to make my cell phone t9 capable this week as well as went out drinking a couple of times, had my favorite dinner at my fave restaurant twice in one week, kind of got hit by a car (I am fine now), and still have a plugged up ear. My week in a very poorly structured run-on sentence.

Friday, January 04, 2008

Home sick

My ear is all uncomfortably plugged up and I can't get to my doctor today, so, well mostly I am hoping it gets better and flirting with home remedies.

Wednesday, January 02, 2008

New Years=nap time

Well I had a very busy weekend that was supposed to be relaxing and calm. Whoops!

Sam and I went out to Howl at the Moon Saturday night after going out to dinner too (I think). We were just going to stay for a tiny bit because we were kind of tired and we shouldn't stay long, so we stayed for four hours and were kind of blitzed on whiskey and coke (him) and raspberry vodka and sprite (me).

Sunday Mary Hotter was in town and we went out for pizza with Anna and Branson (where we got inexplicably cheap pitchers of fat tire). Also apparently I have taken to calling Anna and Branson Branna. So there is that. Then we all went back to my house where Chris joined us and we drank until 3am for no good reason except that it was awesome.

Monday we got up and Mary and I went with her friend Derek to get mani-pedis. Sam prepped for his party where it seems like everyone I know ended up for the night. It was a great time. I got to meet some more Sam friends, there was a great deal of champagne drunk, there were fireworks at midnight, and at about 1:30am I decided I needed to puke or nap and chose napping. People came to ask me what I was doing, and I answered rather petulantly, "Sleeping!" because, well duh. It was good fun, good alcohol, general good time with lots of people I love and care about.

Then Sam and I just hung out for most of new year's day. We watched a lot of My Super Sweet 16, and Sam finds it hilarious how indignant I get about some of the bitchy teens on that show. We ate at the place called flat top grill where you sort of make your own stir fry (like a fancier Mongolian Bar-b-q place). The food was delicious!!! Basically, this was a good, good weekend, but I wanted it to be calmer--less going out and getting wasted I guess.

Tuesday, January 01, 2008

happy 2008!

I am blogging this from Sam's itouch-he got it for christmas. It pretty much confirmed that I really really really want one! It is way too much fun! It does however take an eon to blog.