Thursday, March 21, 2013

Okay, So I MOSTLY Got Things Under Control

I say mostly because, I totally did change up my job hours/availability, and by change up I mean dial down.  Which was great!  Is mostly great.  I mean it would be great if I hadn't gotten a phenomenal opportunity to help put together the quilts for a fairly famous quilter's first book of quilt patterns.  It is awesome, and I cannot believe that I am getting to do it and it is fun.  BUT.

But I am only ever working or sewing.  Sometimes I am sleeping.  And I am basically not at all working on my own projects, so that is not awesome.  However, there is only about two months left and my life becomes my own again AND I am getting paid in the meantime.

And it is fun and a good opportunity.  Although I broke my sewing machine, so right now there is not a lot that I am getting done.