Monday, March 28, 2011

Other than Quilt Math, things are good and they are only getting better!

We just bought tickets for a big vacation to SPAIN over my birthday!!! So that is only totally awesome, and I am SOOOO EXCITED!.

This week is full of adventures with two plays, a fabulous amazing dinner at Alinea that is a surprise for Sam's 1 year sober anniversary, also a networking party for Sam's school at a fun place on Friday, and tonight a quilting adventure to purchase fabrics for some quilt projects including one for me, one for my auntie, some basic solids for the stash, AND a bunch of solids and maybe subtle pattern for a big project based on my floor tiles in the bathroom (altogether this might be 28 or so yards of fabric which might make Sam tell me not to buy it all at once--and theses are just for the tops however these projects should last ALL year).

That Mies Tiles (as I will call it) piece from my bathroom floor was making my mind explode as I calculated how much fabric will be needed which meant knowing how many pieces cut for each block, how many blocks in the whole piece and roughly how that will fit on a bolt of fabric. Fortunately there are a few cheap and free quilting apps in the iphone store and I used them to figure out yardage the easy way (although still had difficulty figuring out how many inches say a yard and a quarter is but I did it). It might turn out SUPER awesome, but it also will take a gajillion years for two reasons 1) there will be over 1700 pieces in it, 2) I will have to cut them all out, and 3) yup sew them together and together and together. BUT I think it will look awesome as I keep it in the grays/blacks of my floor tiles and if I put little pops of Crimson in here and there if I make it a WSU Cougs quilt for my youngest brother. But he might not appreciate it and I will have to keep it. Suck it Dan.

Also, in trying to figure out what kind of quilts go to what kind of person in my family and in Sam's family the mom's and sisters and grandma's are easy. Not so easy, the brothers and dad's. But dad's are at least super easy to please. Let's face it, if it ain't pink, they'll like it fine. Brothers now. Well, shoot. So for one of mine possible Wazzu inflected gray quilt. For my other one, probably something super country. For Sam's brother oh golly I don't know. Until I saw some quilt patterns using the blockiness of quilts (everything can be broken down into little squares) to recreate something else that can be broken down into little blocks--old school video game graphics. I think a donkey kong quilt will be in order for him: here, also in mario bros.

Friday, March 25, 2011

I quitted my job

For reals. I gave my four weeks notice (because I like a lot of people at my job and want to not make their lives total hell if possible).

And I want it to be a new chapter in my life because for the first time in a long time if not actually ever I am in a position where it is feasible for me to do what I want, just do that and not worry about rent or credit card debt or whatever like eating and clothing myself.

I kind of plan to take it easy with the part time jobness for the summer (well easy being part time job + volunteer work + theatre company producing staged readings + being a really good housewife) and spend it like a last great summer vacation. And dive into the fall in a new chapter in my life where I chase my dreams instead of cover my ass.

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

I am a bougey pig and maybe a bad person

It is true. Because well, we are planning a trip to Spain this June/July for summer vacation. I am super excited about it, and it turns out some friends from here might join us (the fiancee's best friend and his girlfriend who I don't know very well but do think is awesome). And Yay! Right? Vacation with 4 people so much more fun than just two, and maybe I will fall into less travel related rage at Sam (he like dumps all his stuff into the suitcase willy nilly and fills it up to 80% capacity and then seems bewildered that I don't have enough room and that perhaps his packing strategy could use work and well very basic folding skills at the least).

And then we started talking about what to do plan etc. Where should we go? The Alhambra sounds neat. Maybe we want to pick like two or three places (like beach Spain and like 1 city in Spain and Alhambra in between) and just spend more time at each one and be a little more laid back and a little less bataan death march vacation about it. And then they asked us about housing, like what kind were we thinking of.

Here is where we hit a snafu. Because we thought oh great about them going with us because they both have more Sam type jobs than Heather type jobs and Sam and I were envisioning this being a stay in a decent if not pretty nice hotel vacation. Maybe split a room with two queen beds but like at a hotel. Like clean sheets, possible room service etc. And then they brought up couch swapping and hostels and I felt bad because I know that is how a lot of people (including for reals me if Sam wasn't the money man here) get through vacation. And I guess if that was all I could afford, this would be different, but we can all afford hotels! Or we should be able to. Or, this was our vacation first and we SOOOOOOO knew this would be a hotel vacation and not an other kind of vacation, so why are you trying to make my lovely vacation a college kid vacation. (See why I might be a bad person?)

I just wanna stay in a fluffy hotel bed. That is all I want. We are going to Spain not I don't know somewhere else.

Tuesday, March 08, 2011

3 weeks and some change

Just about to mark a FANTASTIC milestone, but even better: we will be marking that milestone at the 7th best restaurant in the world. IT WILL BE BLOGGED!

Tuesday, March 01, 2011

babies--my thoughts from the comment section of a friend's facebook page

I am in a middle ground.

My new baby niece is SO CUTE I WANT TO EAT HER*. And also looks like she could be my offspring (looks like her dad with red hair, I have red hair and he looks like the boy version of me). And she makes me want babies like I have never known I could want babies since I mostly think they are just fine over there where they don't get me damp or smelly and I cannot drop them or make them cry.

However then I look at my life and my wonderful but totally child inept fiancee (he is going to prove to me that he can win over toddlers and pre-verbals just by convincing them to do what he wants, PS our cat understands that he is the boss of the fiancee, so I cannot WAIT to see this experiment) and I think oh God if we raise kids together I am so going to be the meanie**. Also how will I ever get to sleep or be sick because I am scared of him being in charge of their care. Also, I hear loving babies so much you eat them is frowned upon.

*Kind of like how Margaret wanted to put her nano in her mouth when nanos were new.

**Yes I am worried that my hypothetical future children will not like me as much as their dad, shut up.

***The *'s are added to this blog and not the facebook post.