Saturday, March 29, 2008

Stumbling upon Kennewick Man

Or more accurately a fellow tri-citian and his mom. At my Pier 1 today. The three of us were kind of overjoyed to meet up because we could not quite believe we were there. Virtually no one I run into here is from Washington and 99% of those that are have lived in the Seattle area and have little to no idea where my hometown is. Literally it could be on Mars for all they know.

But I still get excited about the prospects of someone who might be from near home. So when my coworker Liz told me there was a guy and his mom in the store from Washington, I went and talked to them. His mom got so excited she hugged me. She will be heading back home and telling everyone she found a fellow tri-citian. She was adorable. I didn't actually know them, but we knew a lot of the same people, and we talked about home for a bit. It was great. But here is the best part. Some of you know the story of my ex-boyfriend who broke up with me because he found Jesus while stoned and drunk in a strip club in Boise (the ex was stoned and drunk, not Jesus, in case you were wondering). He went into full on charismatic Evangelical mode on me, and that did not so much work out. Well, this guy I met "Derrick" knew him in high school. They had been football buddies and whatnot. Derrick had run into him at the airport in Pasco this past Christmas. The ex (usually known as Jesus boy) was going to grad school in Virginia Beach for theatre, but he had not left his Jesus roots oh no. Jesus boy had grown his hair long as well as grown a beard in order to play Jesus in religious theatricals. Oh yes, not lying. I kind of think this is the most awesome thing I have ever heard. I had to call my sister and tell her about it. Her response, "He didn't break up with you for Jesus, he wanted to be Jesus!" Too true.

Thursday, March 27, 2008

Slacking off on the Blogorama

I have just been barely still for the last week, except for briefly on Sunday when I slept on Sam's couch totally unexpectedly. The nap just smacked me on the head and knocked me out. Other than that I have had a good deal of fun and busy busy time.

I also ended up in jeans and layered tshirts and a ponytail at a fancy local lounge. Not bar, not club, FANCY place. It had no sign, just a door you were supposed to know was the club unless you were lame (like me). I had planned a night of cheap mexican food and storefront theatre and dressed accordingly (Em's play was good, very proud of her!), and then we went to the fancy place to meet people. The only other girl in our group was in a cocktail dress. The boys were in suits and ties, I felt ridiculous. It was ridiculous, and then I started making fun of the ridiculous people and Sam and I ended up in our usual piano bar--much better.

I also got new glasses today. They are super cute. Hope to try and stay updated over the next little bit of time.

Friday, March 21, 2008

Job Update

So, I was offered a position. There will be a 90 day trial period, and after that I go from sort of a very basic hourly wage to a for real salary assuming all the goals I am set are met and things are going along swimmingly.

Anyway, I am way excited, and I just need to put in my notice at Sharprint and I will have a little break from work when my mother comes to town, and then new job happens.

So there we go!

I imagine I will stay with Pier 1 until I get past the trial period, and then I will re-evaluate which may mean seek to only work one job. But the nice thing about that is that I will be able to give them a goodly amount of notice that I am leaving.

Thursday, March 20, 2008

Friends Rule

First I would like to thank any and all of you for good thoughts sent my direction. I think it went well. You know as well as any interview you have had seems to have gone if you felt good about it but there was no immediate offer.

Second I would like to thank Robin who is plugging away at making me special convertible mittens or, as I understand it, something that functions a lot like that.

Third and most overwhelmingly, I would like to thank Chrissy who I suggested make me a mix cd, and came back with 10! I got ten mixed cd's from her in the mail with titles like "My Favorites (right now)" to "Indie Pop 2" (oh yes there was a 1 also), and "Country and Blues" and "Big Band and Swing" and what they all seem to have in common is a large dose of AWESOME! I am very excited to put them on and listen to them at work. It will be great. Thank you Chrissy! This is so cool.

In other news, the theatre department secretary of my grad school passed on yesterday. She was wonderful and gave really good hugs and succumbed to her second battle with cancer, and she will be missed. So will her hugs.

In other, other news, I am getting new glasses. They aren't here yet and this seems an inappropriate follow-up.

In yet more news, it seems my mother and her two friends all plan to stay at my apartment for two and a half days. With my roommate. And me. And the two cats. And the one bathroom. Yeah. That will be awesome.

Also, my roommate bagged all the trash up this weekend, and she still hasn't taken it out yet. There are like four bags of trash in my kitchen, and it is gross, and the grossness has almost made me take them out. In fact, it most likely will make me take them out tomorrow morning, but she stole all my towels, filled my apartment with trash, and somehow I am painted as the bad roommate in our little saga. Because well I have a boyfriend and several nights a week I stay with him. I am such a jerk.

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Job Interview Tomorrow

Everyone please think happy thoughts for me at 5:30pm Central Daylight Time tomorrow. I have the interview with the potential hopeful new job. Unless I completely lose my shit it should go well.

After the crap day work was today, I need a job that is better and not awful. I labeled it reason #189 why I don't want to work at my current job anymore--the culture of backstabbing and spying and faction mentality where you have to be working against somebody else or you ain't working. It was bad, there were blow ups. I honestly can't spend a summer working there. I need to get out and the sooner the better.

Monday, March 17, 2008

Stupid Rama Chicken

So, after rehearsal today the lovely ladies Katie C. and Anna S. went to the Noodle Zone with me for dinner. I ordered a cucumber salad and Rama chicken planning to eat the salad and nibble at my entree while having the rest of it wrapped up for lunch tomorrow. This was a genius plan. UNTIL IT LEAKED ALL OVER THE INSIDE OF MY PURSE BECAUSE THEY APPARENTLY DON"T KNOW HOW TO WRAP SHIT UP.

Yeah, so I have a purse full of peanut sauce. Awesome, great, fantastic. Not really. Fortunately it was not my fabulous purse that has a little broken piece of hardware, so it has been retired for a month or so until it gets fixed (not because it takes that long to fix but because it takes that long for me to get it to the fixer). So, not purse is going with me to work tomorrow. It looks like I may be taking an adventure bag shopping tomorrow. Good thing I live near a Marshall's and a TJ Maxx. tonight to see if they have anything cute. Stupid, stupid peanut sauce.

Also my kitties are smelly and it seems to be because they like to roll around in their litter box the second after they use it. And I mean roll around! So they smell like their poo all the time.

In other news, my mother is coming to visit me and to see the opening show of the second season of the Ville. So she will see me curse like a sailor, ogle a female stripper, and make out with a girl! That ought to be fun. Also it will be like three and a half continuous days together, that should also be fun. This is happening in three weeks which is in no way long enough for me to get my house clean enough or my waist thin enough for her to say only nice things about it and me. Also, I feel she will have bad things to say about smelly cats. Did I mention she might be staying AT my house? Yeah, well there is that.

Although on the bright side, she might be bringing two of her friends (Barb Davis and Lynn Davis--no relation, she used to be Lynn Olberding) which means they will split a hotel. That might be less fun for Sam because he would meet all of them at once. I may not have told him that yet. Good thing he has a big work meeting and will read this in like two days at the earliest which means I have plenty of time to tell him.

Yeah, so moms. Yup.

Thursday, March 13, 2008

More Hints for the Ones Left Unguessed--UPDATED

Okay, here is what is left with three hints for each of them, the original plus two more! And now one more quote with names.

8) You're not a loser because you're having sex. But if you weren't having sex, we could definitely debate the issue.

The dance is tomorrow. She's a cheerleader, you've seen Star Wars 27 times. You do the math.

You know what would be cool? To find a girl in a bottle, like "I Dream of Jeanie". I'd like to make out with her on that little couch.

Lindsay, here's an idea - how 'bout you break up our band so you can go make out with Nick? Oh, wait, you already did that.
Freaks and Geeks--Jim

9) If I said I was madly in love with you, you'd know I was lying.

With enough courage, you can do without a reputation.

In spite of you and me and the whole silly world going to pieces around us, I love you. Because we're alike. Bad lots, both of us. Selfish and shrewd. But able to look things in the eyes as we call them by their right names.
Gone With the Wind--Robyn

13) I want something EMBARRASSING! Something sexual! Little boys, midgets, that sort of thing! Cows! I don't give a goddamn!

The people of this nation can stomach quite a bit. But the one thing they can't stomach is the image of a vice president with a mouthful of cock.

You know what this is? It's a shark steak sandwich.

Napoleon once said when asked to explain the lack of great statesmen in the world, that "to get power you need to display absolute pettiness; to exercise power, you need to show true greatness." Such pettiness and greatness are rarely found in one person... Laine Hanson has asked that I allow her to step aside. She asked me to do this because she wants my presidency to end on a note of triumph and not controversey. Understand, those of you who worked to bring Laine Hanson down, that she asked to have her name withdrawn from consideration, NOT because she isn't great, but because she isn't petty. Because those two forms of leadership traits could not live in her body or her soul. Greatness. It comes in many forms, sometimes it comes in the form of sacrifice - that's the loneliest form.

No one got this, but it is a great movie you should all watch "The Contender."

14) You think you're easy? Compared to what, the Hundred Years' War?

Do You think if I come back its going to be ok by magic? What's going to changed? What's going to be different? We'll both be wrong, we'll both loose.

You'll never find anyone as good for you as I am, to believe in you as much as I do or love you as much!

Your girl is lovely, Hubbell.

No one got this either and I bet Robyn is kicking herself, "The Way We Were."


I have tried not to put anything too, too terribly obvious, but the next step in hints will be quotes with names in them and then the really, really obvious ones.

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Boredom--may not get back to this fast enough

From Chrissy and Robyn, with the knowledge that I am not very good at these sorts of things.

* Pick 15 of your favorite movies or TV shows
* Go to IMDB and find a quote from each movie or TV show
* Post them here for everyone to guess
* Strike it out when someone guesses correctly in the comments, and put in who
guessed it and the movie.
* No Googling, IMDB or otherwise searching online- just pure memory!

1) Sometimes meaningless gestures are all we have. Waking the Dead--Erin

2) Well, you're just pathetic, and you're gutless. You're a gutless wonder! Strictly Ballroom--Margaret

3) Victory is mine. Victory is mine. Great day in the morning people, victory is mine! The West Wing--Erin

4) I'm not a gay pirate! I have sex with my parrot all the time! OK, that came out wrong. The West Wing--Erin

5) "Who are you?" "I'm the guy who does his job. You must be the other guy." The Departed--Renee

6) I must go down to the sea again, to the lonely sea and the sky. To the flung spume and the blown spray. . .and the, I don't know, thing in my eye. Sports Night--Erin

7) Excuse me lady, but that upon which you sit is mine. It Happened One Night--Robyn

8) You're not a loser because you're having sex. But if you weren't having sex, we could definitely debate the issue.

9) If I said I was madly in love with you, you'd know I was lying.

10) Uh huh. Most women aren't angry, irrational psychos. We just want an ending to a relationship that... That is thoughtful and decent and honors what we had together. So my point, Billy, is this; There is a good way to break-up with someone, And it doesn't include a post-it. Sex and the City--Jamie

11) Shit, murder ain't no thing, but this here is some assassination shit!! The Wire--Tbert

12) How much worse can it get than finishing dinner, having him reach over, pull a hair out of my head and start flossing with it at the table? When Harry Met Sally--Robyn

13) I want something EMBARRASSING! Something sexual! Little boys, midgets, that sort of thing! Cows! I don't give a goddamn!

14) You think you're easy? Compared to what, the Hundred Years' War?

15) Don't these bitches know I'm way better than them? Project Runway--Anna

Night Alone

I have no work, no rehearsal, no boyfriend and no roommate tonight (note still have boyfriend and roommate just boyfriend is sick--that is his second job lately--and roommate is watching the Dropkick Murphy's with Chris P). I was going to get a mani pedi, but maybe not. It seems too cold to go out with only flip flops. I guess I could just repaint them myself and my fingers too. That would be a better choice.

So, in the interest of furthering my plan of writing a one-woman show, I need to start writing some stuff. Stuff that may or may not make it into the show, but you know at least stuff to pick through. I have a few pieces, but I definitely need more. My friends Anna and Brian are in a show that they are writing solo pieces for, and they are creating stuff by having assignments given them by their director--like write a piece inspired by a person or to go with a piece of music or write about the color red, etc.

As it stands now, I have no director--just me. I do have all of you. So. . . I am requesting that any of you interested (or even disinterested readers) leave possible assignments in the comments. I will try to write something for every single one of them (but I can't guarantee when), and once written, I will post what comes of it here on the blog--or maybe on an anonymous new formed blog which I will link to on this blog for those who want to read it. Anyway, please leave me some assignments or topics, they can be fairly specific or extremely vague. Ask me a question, whatever! I will try to post one a week starting next week.

Saturday, March 08, 2008


I didn't have one at 10am when I almost woke up, but then at noon I really did wake up and had a hangover. I think I am better now. It did however feel like a screw was being tightened in my head that was pulling my jaws closer together and clamping them down at the same time. So I am really glad that has stopped!

I should be updating or at least finding my old resume. Not so much right now. I am instead playing on blogger and I may have just gotten a better idea of what to do. . . .


Thursday, March 06, 2008

I think it is time to get new jobified

It is. The 9-5 job has been slowly sliding from fun, worry-free, and if it doesn't pay me that well at least it is easy and I can go to work looking like a just rolled out of bed to kind of just crappy. It isn't there yet, but the slide does seem to be inevitable, and I have decided not to wait it out. A resume or two will be set up and the hunt will be on for something, who knows maybe anything else. My hope is that this possible future new job is 9-5ish and M-F and pays me enough that I can stop working two jobs and just do one and be in a play. That's the dream.

This weekend will be the resume revamping, and if anyone knows anyone who could give me a sweet job in Chicago, pony up. Please. Ok, not really you don't have to, but I will gladly and gleefully accept leads on a better gig.

So, now that's decided I need to figure out what sort of new gig I am looking for. I really don't have a clue. So, there's that.

OOOOOOoooooooh, also looking forward to the weekend and spending some quality time with the boyfriend who has been sadly lacking in my life this week due to illness and the world seemingly wanting to thwart any attempts I make to quality time-ing with him. Also, let's talk about the fact that he went to dinner at a place I have been dying to eat at again for at least a month. He went there without me. Don't worry. I have already given him grief for that one.

Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Silent Treatment

I am getting it. Turns out I may have been getting it for several weeks and nigh on a month now, and I had no idea because if I don't see or speak to this person very much anyway, I am not going to notice a silent treatment.

I think it is supposed to hurt my feelings, but the silent treatment is not the best way to punish me. Turns out, if you give me more time to talk, I am not upset by that. It usually doesn't pain me, and in this case, I didn't even notice. Actually now that I have noticed, I find it more hilarious than anything else. Because although I was quite mean to him the last time we spoke--there was an argument, my feelings had been hurt because I felt I had been disrespected and me with hurt feelings=anger, often lots of it--I kind of felt that on the sliding scale between right and wrong I was more in the right than he was (objective judge that I so clearly am). I don't think that is how he sees it. According to my roommate, apparently he declared he is done with me. I no longer exist to him. This makes me howl with laughter! God, I am not a nice person, not at all--as evidenced by my response to his attempt to hurt me.

Oh, for any of you wondering, the person who is mad at me (and who knows maybe rightly so, but this is just too much ridiculous for me) and treating me to silence, well his name rhymes with Wyan Wurpin.

Monday, March 03, 2008

Boring movies

I feel like I have been watching the wrong movies on netflix lately. They have been boring me. However I don't think they are all as bad as they seem to me. I just am looking for mindless fluff and somehow have put deep serious important at the top of my queue. I should fix that I guess. However, I have been using my on demand to watch lots and lots of law and order CI because I heart me some D'Onofrio even when he is being ridiculous.

Ahhh, the boring movies are Interiors and Little Children.

Also the other night I decided something. I am going to write and perform some sort of one-woman show by the time I am 30. I have tossed this around a lot in the last few years since I moved to Chicago, but it is now a big thing that I am determined to do.

Sunday, March 02, 2008

Tired making weekend

I flew in and out of Buffalo for a weekend, for Renee's brother's wedding. It was very fun and a lovely, lovely wedding. It was however a quick trip, and I didn't get tons of sleep so I am now exhausted.

Sam didn't get to come with me because he was sick. He still is a little sick. It is a bummer. Hopefully he will get better soon and it won't be a bummer anymore.

I feel a little better since I checked in on him this afternoon.

I have so much more that I think and would like to say about this, but I don't really know how to start or what I want to say. And. . . yeah. That's about all I got, and I can't find the freaking corkscrew! So the wine, sits on the coffee table taunting me.