Saturday, June 28, 2008

No more brother

I actually only had him for about 24 hours. He came, he slept, he saw wrigley field, the zoo, and my play, and then he was gone. He had a difficult trip back that included getting towed from somewhere to billings where my dad came and picked him up and towed him back to Pasco. He really needs a job if anyone knows of anything.

Today is my birthday, as of yesterday evening I have been in Milwaukee, WI for summerfest, a very large concert full of concerts. I saw a bit of the old 97s and a bit of rusted root, and later tonight we shall go see some Dashboard Confessional or Blondie or maybe both. Plus there has been staying in hotels. The Hilton here is very nice. I head back tomorrow. Amtrack is kind of nice.

That is really all I know today.

Saturday, June 21, 2008

Getting a brother

Mine is moving here, tomorrow. Possibly for the rest of the summer. It depends on if we can jobify him or not. His summer "internship" which I called a totally ridiculous scam (because if you have to go to a series of workshops where the internship sells you on you taking it instead of having lots of people fighting to get the available internship slots that is a red flag that something might be wrong).

So he is leaving it as of today, and driving from Virginia to Chicago tomorrow, and hopefully we will find him some sort of job or internship for the summer. And he will live with me for a month and a half, and we shall call it good.

Thursday, June 19, 2008

so close

I am so close to so much. . .my birthday, my last day of P1 and first day of peace of mind in a long time, a trip to Milwaukee for SummerFest, visits from family and friends (Hi Sally!), trips back home, mini vacation from the play.  But, still not there, and I really, really, reallyreallyreally want it now!!!!!  Not that I am impatient or something.  Ok I am impatient so what.  I am creanky and I need a nap.  Deal.

Monday, June 16, 2008

Job Update

They don't know what went wrong except that somehow we didn't get put on the bill when we asked because the other people never turned their power off.  And somehow that got all glitched up.  We will have to pay the whole shebang, but we may have some time and it should not cost too terribly much (our house mostly runs on gas--or all the expensive stuff does).  It looks like we could get power back by the end of this week and we should get it back by early next week at the latest.  Although, the worst case scenario is getting it back July 2nd or 3rd.  Because that won't totally suck.  That is however the longest it will take.  So everyone cross their fingers and pray to the god of electricity.

The continuing saga of how god might actually hate me or alternately titled, "They call me Mrs. Job!" *

Seriously?  I mean really!
So last night after watching the Tony's on Tivo after work.  I realized that I needed to rush back to work part the second to activate the alarm which I had forgotten about when I left.  Please no spoilers on where I did this, I am probably in enough trouble.  The bad news is that I was not around the corner.  I was at Sam's--see post where we don't have electricity because god hates me--so I had to grab a cab there and back in the middle of the night. 
Last week I contemplated spending a day with my head under the covers in response to all of this.  It may actually HAVE to happen.  Next Saturday I actually have off, so I am going to pencil that in.  At some point Sam has to have dinner with his neighbors, so I will even be alone for part of it.  Yeah, that's right I am doing it at his house.  He has air conditioning which will make the covers part possible.  He also has cable which will make the being a lump part more enjoyable and there will be the possibilty of sex since he will be there a bed will be there.  Of course, if he nixes this part of the plan it will be in my room.  Assuming we have power then.  HA!
I just want things to be not terrible in my life.  And I do not think that is too much to ask.  I was just about to type something that was tempting or really taunting fate, and I am going to refrain from that.
I am going to go back to hoping I can get everything accomplished that I wanted today.  Le sigh people, le sigh.
*Name this movie reference if you dare, in the comments.  Yeah, I turned a post on my misery into a pop quiz.  I am trying to generate enjoyment anywhere I can get it.

Friday, June 13, 2008


My electricity has been turned off for not paying electric bills I never received after registering for my move on the electric company's website.  And I cannot do jack shit about it until 9am tomorrow.  Oh by the way this all from my move LAST OCTOBER!!!!!  But I have proof of all of this, so they sure better fucking fix it tomorrow morning.

Wednesday, June 11, 2008


Day a bit better with the news that in a few weeks. . . I get a Sally!!!!!!
**I was going to write something here implying that our weather would be warm for sure and non-winter like BUT I didn't want to jinx you**

God May Actually Hate Me

For a variety of reasons.  I am kind of on the verge of a nervous breakdown/collapse something.  I suspect it may have to do with being over tired and exhausted since sometime last September and it turns out the adrenaline of the initial euphoria of meeting Sam may be wearing off and forcing me to deal with the realities of how hard I have made my life for myself.  Not that that should indicate I am anything other than totally happy with Sam.  He is wonderful and calm and a calming presence in my life and I adore him.  Everything else may actually be trying to kill me.
I was a total ass all during the process for the last episode of the Ville and I couldn't stop myself from being one.  Well at first I didn't really notice, and then I noticed but could not seem to correct what I was doing.  I apparently caused Chris and Anna to worry for my sanity and health mentally since being crazy.  There was yelling at Sam a few weeks ago, and some crying at rehearsal this weekend.  All of this was pretty awful.  Good news is that there is actual sustained light at the end of this tunnel for the first time in so long I don't even know.  The bad news is, I really hope I can hold the tenuous grip on my shit for long enough to make it to a nice long weekend of almost nothing.  In July I will have a 3-day weekend.  Like really.  I mean I have a bit of rehearsal, but mostly nothing.
Today, the almost last straw happened to me at work.  I kind of thought I was going to lose it because I made a toner cartridge full of cyan toner explode ALL over me.  I mean all over me.  I had to wipe it off my legs, it probably ruined clothes, it is embedded in my necklace and on my sandals (although those two things were mostly salvaged), but it most severly damaged my dignity.  God bless our lawyer for being so nice to me when he discovered me flecked with toner.  Instead of joshing me (and he seems like the kind of guy who would), he said all the right oh no, oh poor you, oh that's awful, can I help you things that people should say.  I cleaned up the mess.  I still felt like maybe just leaving to go home and cry would be the best choice for the day, but instead I went to Filene's Basement (a discount store a la TJ Maxx and Marshall's) and bought a $20 dress to change into--I actually wore it out of the store, after chatting with the sales girl about why I needed to wear it out of the store.  I got some ice cream at Baskin Robins, and I came back for the rest of the day.  However, I would prefer that this day had just not existed.
Later tonight I want to snuggle up against Sam and just sleep this whole day off into oblivion, like it never happened.  Sam is very good at snuggling.

Thursday, June 05, 2008

Musings from a work day

Boy that was a really pretentious subject.
First, I need to say that of course the day I decide to wear a sweater to defend against the airconditioning at work is the day it A) gets really freaking hot in Chicago for literally the first time this ENTIRE year and B) the air conditioning breaks.  And, idiot that I am it is not a cardigan.  It is a v-neck cotton sweater.  Long sleeved!  So, yeah.  I am warm.
Two, a good forty-five minutes of my day was spent rearranging the labels on the mail cubbies, so that everyone has one and that they are now back in alphabetical order.  Seriously, that was my job today.  Tomorrow I will get paid to eat a burrito.  Not joking.  That is lunch for the Friday meeting.
Third, although I do not understand most of the technical nerdery that goes on at my work daily, I do know how to work a fax machine.  This might make me unique in this office.  I can also handle things like googling customer service numbers and mastering the label maker.  Again, particular skills I seem to be the only one who can handle, and I did not even go to MIT like some of my coworkers.  I know this is astounding.
Fourth, last night I had one single margarita--not even a giant sized one, and it must have been made with rotgut tequila because it single handedly gave me a bit of a hangover headache this morning.
Fifth, new in my education of grown-upness (and I completely have Sam to thank for this) is that ordering food from a steak house is very complicated.  Our third date was at a steak house as was Valentine's day and then we ate at Craftsteak when we were in NYC.  And I am very unfamiliar (or was, now getting it down) with the order your meat, order your sides, order your salad all separate like.  It makes things very complicated.  I also never know quite what to do.  Because that can add up.  The first time I had no idea what was happening and erred on the side of eating an entire dinner consisting only of meat, which was, admittedly, weird.  The second time, our server was much better at his job because he knew to try and get as much food on our plates as possible, and he explained things very well.  Plus it was like not a regular date, it was VALENTINE'S date, so I figured Sam planned a little bit to drop some dough.  The third time was Craftsteak, and we knew it was going to be kind of a wallet blow out, but it was also probably going to be the best meal either of us had had in a couple of years.  So we had salads and sides and meat and dessert and a bottle of wine and a glass of cava with dessert.  We did it for real.  Also, thank god I had learned about steak houses before that or I would have felt like even more of an idiot than I already did.  Turns out I am not used to the FINE dining experience and certainly not the NYC version of it.  The FINE dining restaurants Sam and I favor here tend to be more eclectic and independent and younger and hipper.  So they have people in jeans serving you and less with the ties and long white aprons.
Sixth, I think that is all I have for right now.  Back to the grind.

Tuesday, June 03, 2008


Today I did that. At P1. I gave them my notice. My four week notice. Yeah, so okay that is a little more then you do, BUT we are in the middle of a remodel and it would be a really crappy thing to only give them two weeks notice because if I give them four they will have two whole people trained to do my job (well share my job). Anyway, I actually did quit. That is HUGE for me. I will probably go back for Christmas though (but my play will be done then, so really I will be filling a void). Things I am looking forward to: MOVIES!!!!!!! FREE TIME!!!!!! SEEING MY FRIENDS AGAIN!!!!!! MORE BLOGGING!!!!!! KITTEHS!!!!!!!

Yeah, this will rule. I am excited, even if there was some choking up going on as I told my manager.

OK. That is all. Although I guess that is kind of a lot.

Sunday, June 01, 2008

Back from California

I had fun in the sun with my family. It was great to see my brother and sister and mom and dad and grandma and grandpa and aunt and uncle and like ninety cousins and a bunch of other relatives--even a few from the Greek side. But it was a very quick trip--on the plus side my four hour flight back to Chicago was so empty everyone got their own rows, which is how I like to fly for four hours.

The park dedication was lovely and I got to release a butterfly at it (it is a bug and butterfly themed park), and I played on a bunch of the toys. Even climbed to the top of the rope structure (while my mom yelled at me to hold on to my brothers hand because clearly I was unable to climb a structure meant for children without help, also climbing a rope ladder is easier when holding on to something other than the rope ladder).

Now I face a week of tech rehearsals and runs for my next episode which I admit to being less than ready for. Plus too much working. Turns out a different manager is doing the schedule for my other job and he didn't know I only work 12 hours a week. So that would explain the 16 hour weeks lately. However, we had a little chat, so that might be fixed soon.