Monday, April 28, 2008

Hey lookee--or more listenee

Ummm, so I love U2, but this is a beautiful cover of one of their songs. Pride (in the name of love) as done by John Legend with the help of some of the speeches of MLK

Kitty, kitty Snip Snip

Steve McQueen, my cat, gets his boy parts altered tomorrow. He will no longer be capable of making little kitties. He has spent a portion of this evening since I have been home meowing at one of our pieces of wall art as if it might talk back. Yeah, he is a strange one. But apparently our wall art may be to ceiling cat what the virgin Mary is to God. Or something?

Long day of rehearsal. For some reason, this episodes process has been just off, in all sorts of ways. And in so many ways that it isn't even one thing or person's fault. It is however almost done, so next week there will be show.

Saturday, April 26, 2008

Bus adventures

Last night on the bus, someone tried to steal my purse. I was sitting in a seat near the back door and it was on the chair next to me (and I was touching it/holding it with the hand that was not right next to it as that hand was holding cell phone to ear) and a guy tried to grab it as he went out the back door. But he was foiled by me pulling on it and by the fact that it weighs like 15 pounds (no joke). But yeah, that happened.

Thursday, April 24, 2008

More Working

I am tired, and I just don't have it in me to be working hard today.  It has been much more hardly working.  And I have Pier 1 tonight and tomorrow!  Although tomorrow at day job I need to actually accomplish most of if not actually all of my to do list.  Which is totally doable as it is not that long. 
Le sigh.  I am just sort of drab today.  I feel like soggy toast.  I don't feel sick or anything just like I need a vacation or a really long nap.  I did however get flowers this morning as a belated administrative professionals day gift.  That perked up the morning.  They are still perched on the edge of my desk.  Red lilies and orange and yellow tulips and yellow snapdragons and some purple and pink filler and ferns.  Very nice.
That is all I have today--although I hear some of the participants of the music swap have gotten my gift, so I hope they like it.  I have had time to listen to exactly 1/2 of all of the cd's I have received from the music swap.  Margaret's has been in the CD player.  Although actually I have listened to like 2 and 1/2 of the cds that Chrissy sent me way back a month or so ago.
I am kind of not at my house ever.  In part because 2 jobs and a play keep you out for like 13, 14 and 15 hour days at least three and sometimes 4 or 5 days a week, so that means not so much downtime there.  But on top of that I am trying to see the bf as much as possible, so I stay at his house a lot (for example I have seen my roommate at our house last over a week ago--granted an actual trip out of town is in that time but whatever and for second example my luggage from said trip was at his house until Wednesday evening when we had returned on Sunday).  It happens.  But this means I am rarely near my cd player or my computer.  Maybe this weekend I will put them on the ipod?  That would help because I am very often sitting on public transportation with headphones in.  Ahhh, life.
It is the stage where I start to ponder whether the consequences of moving in with my boyfriend are greater or less than the consequences of living out of a back pack and other bags?  Not that I have in any way broached the subject of actual cohabitation with the bf.  I just ponder it now, when I did not used to.

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Email blogged

Posting via an email.  Mostly because it looks less shady at work.  Smart enough not to use work email though.
I brought back virtual I <3 NY t-shirts for all of you.  They are virtually one size fits all, just fyi.  I ate delicious delicious delicious food at Craft Steak and Mesa Grill (Top Chef's top judge and iron chef's Bobby Flay's respective restaurants).  We walked across the Brooklyn Bridge.  We brunched outdoors in Brooklyn.  We got lost because I am a dork and confused 10st with 10 ave (but in my defense it would've been an awesome find on 10th st had I been correct).  I accidentally found the jazz club without trying.  There were multiple bouts of drunkenness during one I made Sam fess up some info he had previously been very closed mouthed about.  Don't worry Sam I share none of it here.  It was an excellent, excellent trip, and I saw no less than 6 people (other than myself) of Tri-Cities origin.  It was like I was on a freaking mission to find them.  They were Santino, Dave Howard, Cam Milton, his girlfriend Diana, Dave Herigstad, and Lauren.  Holy crap that is excessive.
I was at one point documenting all the times on the trip Sam was working on his laptop, but then that game stopped amusing me.  Also I am terrible about taking pictures on trips because I just don't think about it.  I am too busy experiencing to remember to photograph.
It was wonderful, idyllic, fantastic--even when we spent way to long at Newark Airport on the way home (woo hoo delays, I mean no).
(PS from the old comments, yes he is a great boy, and yes he keeps doing terribly wonderfully nice things but I am not going to discourage him from that Alan, sheesh!)

Sunday, April 20, 2008

NYC! What is it about you?

SO the NYC trip was fantastic. Tons and tons of fun. We ate marvelous food (Bobby Flay's Mesa Grill beats Tom Collicchio's CraftSteak--although both fantastic, oh my God how I love bernaise). We saw some good jazz, and we saw Sunday in the Park with George. Which has in its cast an old, old friend of mine. Who I was thrilled to see and who was also thrilled to see me!!! One Santino Fontana plays a few small roles as well as understudying George himself.

However, all that fun not withstnading, we are still in the airport in Newark an hour late, and still not boarded. ooooh, boarding soon. More later!!!

Sunday, April 13, 2008

Countdown to NYC

So, off I go to NYC on Friday. I am excited. I am not sure exactly what I would like to do while there; Sam and I are going to discuss this tonight over dinner--his meatloaf made with cornbread and peppers, also I would imagine it will include wine and probably cheese and crackers.

I think my boyfriend is wonderful--which is good because if I didn't I would imagine he would be a poor choice for a boyfriend for me--but every time I try and tell him that he is wonderful he gets all embarassed because I don't think he thinks he does anything above and beyond what just normal people would do. He thinks trips to NYC and all sorts of spoiling me are just nice boyfriendly things to do, that just every boyfriend would do that. The most wonderful thing about him is that he truly believes this is normal. That he isn't doing anything extra or above and beyond. That generosity of spirit is where he starts from is what makes him so very extraordinary not just as a boyfriend but as a human being.

Saturday, April 12, 2008

I Think I Am Gonna' Like it Here

That's what I think of the new job so far. It seems like it will be fun. The people seem great, and most of them are around my age. New friends live there. I think. I hope. That is all.

Thursday, April 10, 2008

Moms have come and Moms have gone

They are on their way back to the Pacific Northwest. They were here and they had fun, and they met Sam and LOVED him and he seemed to like them as well. So there you go.

This afternoon I must head back to the old job for a few hours of question answering. Ugh, but only there for a bit.

Here is a snapshot of what we did. Monday we went to my play and had food at Charlie's first. It was very good, and Sam had my moms all to himself for a few hours almost immediately after meeting them. Tuesday we went to Greektown for lunch and ate at the Parthenon. Then we wandered around downtown and then up Michigan Avenue--ending in American Girl Place. It started pouring rain as we went to the Museum of Contemporary Art where we stayed for maybe a half of an hour. Then we grabbed a taxi to "de cero" a modern day taqueria for fancy tacos, good guac, and awesome margaritas of unusual variety. The mom's loved it all. We walked like 11 miles that day. It wasn't over yet. We were going to go to Howl at the Moon, but it was closed for a private event, so instead we went to the Signature Lounge of the John Hancock Building and then back to the apartment in the pouring, pouring rain. I was exhausted and went right to sleep, but I think they stayed awake giggling a while.

Wednesday was much lower key. We hung out at my house in the morning and bought tickets to Jersey boys for the Matinee. Then we wandered around my neighborhood a bit stopping for lunch at Chipotle where they had never eaten but thought was fantastic. Shopped a bit, and we grabbed a train downtown just in time to be seated before the show started. Our seats were a little bit obstructed view but still good. The show was pretty good--light on plot but big on good music and spectacle. The light design was totally awesome!!! The moms loved it! Then we caught a bus slowly up to my neighborhood and another one close to the restaurant and then wandered through cute houses to my favorite Italian restaurant Rose Angelis which they also loved and where we ate until we were so full we could only waddle home, and then we stayed home for a bit. It was great.

And now they are gone and tomorrow I start my new job.

Monday, April 07, 2008

Things left to do

My boss called me this morning and told me I did not have to go into work today. That is good because I must get shower curtain liner, some flowers and kitty litter in the next 2 hours and ten minutes.

I had to clean up pie mess that was strewn all over my kitchen, so I am really glad I worked so hard to get the kitchen spotless on Saturday. I also have some laundry to put away and some trash to take out. Actually not in too much of a hurry right now. It is kind of nice to have some slight peace. Very, very nice really. Show opens tonight! Mom arrives! All sort of excitement.

Sunday, April 06, 2008


My 500th post was the post before this one!

So . . . unrelated. My mother will be here in about 18 hours. There is a visible fur coat of grime on the blades of the ceiling fan in my living room, my sink is full of dishes, there is still stuff kind of all over my room, and my cat who smelled nicely yesterday now smells smelly. Oh well. Mom is in town for a few days, so I will be offline most likely--being with her and not ever at home or at work. She is bringing two friends, and they will be seeing this:

I hope they like it, and all of you can feel free to come as well!

Thursday, April 03, 2008


But...I did get my bills paid.

I did not work out.

I did snuggle with kittehs instead.

I did not snuggle with boy.

I will hopefully get off computer and go to bed very very soon. Because I need sleep.

I need sleep because the play I am in is killing me! Totally killing me. However next episode it is much, much easier on me. I am back to being comic relief in just a few scenes instead of having to have feelings and emotions and actually freaking work and not just say crazy shit. Next episode my first line is "Fuck my balls!" And I might get to host some amazing extravaganza of some kind. It might be totally awesome. Just saying.

I went home and bathed my pussy

That was not a euphemism. I gave Steve Alphabet McQueen a bath tonight. He was not impressed. He may in fact hate my guts forever, but he freaking stank. It had to happen. He might get another before my mom gets here to make sure he doesn't stink. I managed to escape scratch free too! I wore long rubber gloves and grabbed him by the scruff of his neck. It was actually quite a work out. So, I am kind of ok that I never got to do the NYC Ballet workout today. Maybe tomorrow morning, when I wake up early. As if that ever happens!

Tuesday, April 01, 2008


Stupid late rehearsals, stupid, stupid, stupid.

Ah well, at least tomorrow night I get some quality time with the boy and some yummy tacos at de cero.

That's all I got tonight.