Thursday, August 31, 2006

Tomorrow I will spend the whole day in bed

The only drawback is that I don't have Sims2 "stuff" which came out on Wednesday, but I should have some netflix (including Serenity the movie, unless the bitchfaces at netflix send things late again--this week it is ridiculous, everything late).

Anyway, sleeping=happiness.

Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Yea Jeffery!!!

Finally he wins a challenge, finally. I feel that he sould've beat Michael a few weeks ago with his absolutely stunning and I would wear it trash dress, but whatever! He won tonight like a fucking rockstar. Also, thank God that Stupid Ohio idiot girl is gone because I would've been pissed if she had outlasted Kayne and she deserved the bitchslap welcome-to-Paris-nevermind exit.

My roomies and I are a little obsessed with that show. There was actual screaming and breath holding involved in watching the telecast. They was robbed for best reality show emmy--especially against stupid family edition amazing race (which normally I give props to, especially since it is the only reality show I actually knew someone on--thanks Brian Smith and Dr. See for making him my Benedick 8,000 years ago). Screaming, for real. We are dorks.

Monday, August 28, 2006

I am sleepy

Long truck days on Monday after a weekend out late=tired. Also=punchy. Also=hungry. I think it is time for a little what I call a quesa-ritto which is half quesadilla and half burritto. There is some cheese and beans and salsa in a tortilla. Makes me happy.

Also, it makes me happy listening to Jeff Simmons radio show on the internet because he plays a lot of music I have never heard before but really like. If you are interested, google the Portland Radio Authority and take a gander--Jeff dj's country feedback on Mondays from noon-two (about) pacfic time.

Sunday, August 27, 2006

Long weekend, long week to come

I am tired. Tired of working and tired of playing. I really just want to curl up in to a ball in my bed and stay there for a day or two, but that ain't gonna happen until Friday at the earliest.

Tomorrow I have truck, Tuesday I am cleaning/finishing packing my old apartment, and then I work some more. I am actually scheduled for all forty hours this week. Crazy. Ummm, that is really all. Probably going to be seeing Ferris Bueller's Day Off for free in the park on Tuesday unless the weather sucks. We shall see.

Thursday, August 24, 2006

Holy bands on the floor, Batman!

My apartment is full of bands, two of them to be precise--both hardcore. They are friends of my roomies, and they are interesting to say the least. When I woke up this morning my kitchen was full of drunk people who had yet to go to sleep--who were cooking me breakfast only they were too drunk to coordinate it very well to time. Oh, and it was 5am when I woke up. Yeah, people in my house. Lots of them. All boys but one and the one I like the least is of course the one who thinks I am hot. Thanks god, thanks for that. More later when not hopped way up on caffeine.

Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Home and in pain

I screwed up some muscle in my back, and it hurts to breathe and walk. This totally blows. I didn't go into work because I wasn't sure if I could walk the whole way there, and I would've ended up just standing there not doing anything, so there I go. Awesome. No really. I. Feel. Awesome. If by awesome I mean kind of crappy all over.

Saturday, August 19, 2006

Ummmm, also. . .

Also, I bought Season 2 of Grey's Anatomy on and Seasons 1&2 of House on DVD today. I needed them. I did, and I used birthday money from my mom and dad. She would wish I spent on something else because she will underestimate the many, many hours of pleasure I will get from them. Dr. McDreamy and Dr. House, oh yeah baby!!! Ooooh, and Dr. McSteamy too (but not for long).

This post is for Jim

Mary Trotter is a friend of mine from graduate school who is from Rockford, IL and is at home with her parents for the month of August. Actually at this exact moment she is watching "Snakes on a Plane." She did call me, and we hung out at the zoo. It was fun, and I will get to see her again next weekend too!!!

Friday, August 18, 2006

Alright dudes

See, this is a post. I am sorry that I fell off for a little bit, but with vacation and moving I wasn't able to keep up with the blogging and then I wanted to wait until after the megapost to do other stuff.

Also, I have been getting out of my house a lot more often since I live in a way cooler neighborhood. I went to the beach and the zoo (different days) a friend got engaged, some of my boss types are leaving. Things are happening and until today the weather was perfect. Ummm, that is mostly all though. My friends Johnny B and Sara Jo and Angie have just moved to town. My friend Mary is visiting. Things rule.

Wednesday, August 16, 2006

I Miss county fairs.

I miss them. They are fun, and I wish I had one right now. The state fair is happening nearish here, but I am carless, and I think it is too far for a metra ticket. Also Mary Trotter is near me and not calling and I find that mildly unacceptable.

Sunday, August 13, 2006

Much like meth

It occurred to me that my allergy medicine makes me feel really great! Like amazing crazy kind of high great, and then I went, "Wait a minute! People make meth from my allergy medicine." It occurs to me that there may be something to this logic. I take Claritin (but not Claritin D--the kind you have to show your ID to a pharmacist to buy), so it isn't the kind that had to be regulated against meth production. But really, meth?

Monday, August 07, 2006

family reunion the novel

Or as I like to call it, preserving everything for posterity. It all kicked into gear on Thursday after I got into town in the morning. The early part of the day was all about seeing my parents and my great aunt and just all the pre-people reunion madness--including a trip to the neighborhood butcher shop/mini-slaughterhouse to put all the pop and beer in the fridge, 'cuz the butcher loves us. That night was when it started getting crazy!!!!

My sister, my brother, and my cousin Brooks from KC joined up with my almost brother Ben, Tom's roommate Gabe, and Natalie's friend from work Sara (BTW Natalie=sister, Tom=brother; there will be a quiz), and we had some coronas at Nat's house before heading to the local double A farm team baseball game. Then, being that it was 'Thirsty Thursday' which meant $ beers, we drank some more--much more, no idea how much more. Sometime after the 7th inning stretch we decided that was more then enough baseball (on free tickets from one of my sister's students), so we headed to the local beer and wine only bar 'The Dugout' for guess what? If you said more $ beers you win a big fat cupcake. Tom, Gabe, and I walked over since we had accumulated far too many people for the car we came in.

At the dugout, Alissa (my sister's bf) was saving seats for us and for my sister's roommate Jen and Ben's older brother Brian and his friends. Then we adopted a guy named Paul because he was by himself at a choice table. At this point things get fuzzy, I know there was singing, talking, some dancing--in general much gaiety. My brother and I even managed some aerial dance tricks in this very non-dancey bar; it was sweet, we even got my mom to come out for a drink. Sometime near the end of this madness I managed to find myself in conversation with a 23 year old I have known forever which I thought was just an average run-of-the-mill conversation because he's 23 and (though adorable) it never occurred to me he would want anything more then conversation from me.

About this time the bar closes and my youngest (not-yet-legal) brother and some friends come get us and take us back to my sisters house. Here there is more drinking--this time tequila shots and tequila sunrises--and eventually some making out and more with the young'un. That is all I will say about that except that I had a good time and am apparently back to my old tricks with younger men, but that is what vacation is for.

Friday=hungover, big time. Big black circles under my eyes and throwing up breakfast was the order of the day, but I managed to recover enough to go winetasting that afternoon with my family. We even got free extras because we starred in a video travel journal for the winery. It was great, and then we were back at my parents as everyone started to arrive from all over--there was dinner and many hugs. Later that night we went to the frat-type-bar mentioned before in the blog, and the best part of that night was middle of the night tacos.

Saturday=all family all the time. There was good food, more hugs, more people, a horseshoe tournament (I made it to the second round), a rock-paper-scissors tournament, beer, late night volleyball, and a fight with my mother. The day part was awesome--all the fun you would expect from a reunion. We did the wave during a game of horseshoes.

The night part was good too--until around 10pm when my mom and a few of my aunts and cousins and my sister were all in the kitchen preparing for brunch the next morning and cleaning up after that day. I was in the other room with both my brothers and a few more cousins (all male), and I wasn't worried that I was shirking my duty because no one had told me to do anything, and I figured the 6 people in the kitchen were okay. Then my mother comes into the other room and yells at me to come into the kitchen and help people get ready for tomorrow (as if I was the only person in the room having fun instead of working). I go, but I make a comment about the painfully blatant sexism in my being singled out which gets me in a little more trouble. Anyway, I end up mopping the floor, but I tell my mother calmly (after I have chilled a little) that if she would like me to do something all she has to do is ask instead of singling me out for embarrassment and chastising. I am not psychic, and I am not going to invent work for myself on my vacation, and I am not a Susie homemaker like my sister--that just isn't the way life is. I will do stuff, but ask me or I won't think of it--don't single me out to demand things of me in an embarrassing way. So, she apologized and assigned me a job for the next days work. Then my sister and I went home to bed.

My brother, his two best friends, and my two cousins then went out and bought a gallon of milk each to drink in one hour or less. Then they puked, a lot and it is all on film. I watched some of it the next day, and it was pretty hilarious.

Sunday morning my sister, one of my boy cousins, and I get up and go to church with the fam, say goodbye to my brother, and eat a big brunch. It was awesome.

I finally get some rest on vacation after everyone disperses for home. I did a little more wine tasting, some swimming, and I got to see the wonderful new space of the children's theatre I used to work for. All in all a sweet vacation, and I got home easy enough on the airplanes and before the lovely new rules and restrictions.

Saturday, August 05, 2006

I hate being in a frat-type bar with people I went to high school

I really do hate it, and that was last night for me. So I doled out info to my bro's best friend, and I flirted a little bit (in an unserious manner) with kids who used to be my students back when I taught--one wanted to make out with me! Funny--more so to me then him.

Then I drove drunk people around in a gigantic mid-80's model lincoln. Yea for midnight jack in the box tacos. Although as we left the bar a guy from my graduating class who was smoking outside, said goodbye to my sister and nothing to me as I walked past, but then we realized one drunk girl had wandered away from our crowd and we had to go find her and he noticed me the second time past. I mean I know that high school was far from my finest hour (I was way cooler when I taught there then I ever was when I went there), but I feel like I am at least a little bit memorable. Anyway, I am just a little bit memorable.

I promise for more adventure stories later, especially for the Thursday night adventures which were the best ever. Way, way WAY too much beer and too much cousin craziness that night--also something my siblings and almost sibling will never let me live down, but I maintain I only did what any reasonable person would've done in those circumstances.

Friday, August 04, 2006

Really Drunk=Really hungover

Just a fraction of the family with an inverse proportion of fun. That is the start of the family reunion saga. BTW it hasn't officially started. More stories later

Thursday, August 03, 2006

I hate birds

Really I hate only one bird; the one that killed my plane and kept it in Houston yestreday. I hate it because it took me 24 hours (almost to the minute) to get from my apartment in Chicago to the airport in my hometown because while I was laid over in Salt Lake City my flight to Pasco, WA was cancelled. I had to stay at a Best Western in Utah for the night and catch the earliest flight to Pasco this morning. It kind of sucked--especially because I missed project runway but my wonderful roommate Renee texted me with updates all night. It also kind of sucked because Utah isn't exactly the kind of place where you can go find a neighborhood bar to hang out at. I am sure they have bars, but they weren't near my hotel.

Anyway, I am finally here now and typing from my sisters computer. Go, go family reunion.

Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Leaving Soon

Family reunion at my parents' house here I come. It even is a huge family reunion! Woo hoo!!! Anyway, I am very excited and may not be spedning time checking email and updating the blog until I get back next Tuesday. Lots of love to you all.