Thursday, August 28, 2008

Kitties + fireworks = owies

Steve McQueen does not like fireworks, but Sam lives right near Navy Pier where there are fireworks every Saturday and Wednesday between Memorial Day and Labor Day.  He gets very nervous and runs about all willy nilly and startles easily.  So it is good that that will be stopping this weekend.  He has come to peace with Sam.  They are buds.  They enjoy time together, playing with the laser pointer.  He has decided mostly not to hiss at Sam or I.  The move seems to have worn off.  And he hasn't gotten crazy when he realized he no longer lives with his buddy.  So, cat moving seems to have carried off well.

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Better day?

Well, I stayed home from work due to massive sinus headache because it turns out over the counter Zytec does not work for me as well as other allergy meds I have taken in the past. In fact, it is quite possible that the cranky headache yesterday was phase one of this. Probably aggravated by a tech rehearsal. Although the tech rehearsal mostly went very well.

Yesterday I had chocolate and sun in the park instead of art. The park was just so lovely that I could not pass it up. Art this weekend. Last weekend of a photo exhibit I would like to see.

Monday, August 25, 2008

Today is not a good day

Although not a particularly bad one either.  I just ick it.  Very frustrated by many small things, would rather be under some covers with a good book or a movie and a kitty cat.
Ugh, and now I guess I missed the memo where we are to bring our costumes to rehearsal tonight, so I don't have them all.  I have all of the new ones, but not all of them.  I am missing my costume for the bartender I play in every episode.  It was provided to me, and I always wear it exactly the same.  So I figured if I don't cram that into my already overstuffed bag and drag it way far up north for the designer to see before I drag it back down, no worries right? She gave it to me, she knows what it is.  Except that instead I got a lecture on not having my shit together which was really the lecture she wanted to give other cast members who never bring costumes to see her.  And I wanted to say, listen, I live way the fuck away, I drag it all on my back, if I brought it you wouldn't have even glanced at it and muttered yeah, so I apologize in advance for not bringing it in and you lecture me!!!!  You live like a 5 min bus ride away.  I live a 45 minute bus ride (after a 15 minute walk) or a 35 minute train ride and a 10 minute walk away.  i am sorry if it actually is kind of hard for me to do this all.  Not to mention that I impromptu impermanently moved into my boyfriends house and left half of my costume over there, so I would have to get to his house and my house in less than 2 hours today.  Great.  Oh, or I could take time off work in order to get you something you have already seen?  Sure.  You know I will break my back for this, or you could be like, yeah I have seen that I approve your request to not bring that one item in this one time.  Or you could just say no sans lecture.  And now, NOW! I am lecturing all of my loyal readers.  Sorry, but this is really making me crazy today.   I need to get some food right now.  Maybe I should hit the art institute to look at some calming art?  This migh tbe important.

Saturday, August 23, 2008

Hilarity (at least from my perspective)

So, last night I went to a big event for Sam's work. It was a ton of fun. My hair cooperated despite the humidity, so I even looked nice and presentable. I talked to Sam's bosses and lots of coworkers (some I already knew, others I didn't). Several of them questioned me, at times in depth as to why Sam has not proposed to me yet and why weren't we living together. I found this hilarious as I know why on both counts. He just isn't there yet, and that is fine with me. But I found it really funny that everyone he works with is really intent on planning our wedding.

Dana, who is one of the employees in his division, apparently is on his case about it all the time. She says she is helping me, so who am I to stop her. She tells him it is very mean of him to make me pay rent at a place I never even stay. She tells him he needs to start saving up for a ring--she'll help him pick it out. She reminds him that his grandmother is 90 years old and asks him if he thinks she would want to see him get married before she dies which can't be long now. I think all of this is hilarious.

Less hilarious is the fact that he thinks we can't move in together because, "Girls have a LOT of stuff." Which I find hilarious because he has just as much stuff as I do. Although a talk about that this morning prompted two results. The first was that he cleaned out a shelf in the little chest of drawers/wardrobe combo in his bedroom, so I could put my clothes there. He also cleaned out some of the closet. The second was that on my key ring is now a key to Sam's apartment.

In other news, I am going to not move, and sign an 11 month lease with Azar. Which is cost effective and peace of mind effective. In related news, I told Sam that gives him a year before I actually move in with him. Literally one year from right now. I will also be living at his house for the next month until Renee moves out because Azar will be there too, and that is just too many people. Steve is moving to Sam's tomorrow. We are going litter box and litter shopping like in a few minutes when I wake him up from his nap. Yesterday was a long day for both of us. We both spent 9 hours at work and 9 hours at parties. This was excessive.

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Sam can just be so Sam.

His cable was digitized today, so if it was plugged into the wall or just into a tivo it would no longer work. Because of this he has been getting messages for months about how he needs to order a cable box if he doesn't have one. The first one free and any others cost like $5 a month or something. Finally this weekend (as he as complaining about it loudly and crankily--in part because he was convinced his cable would still work), I said I would call the number for him. I did, it took like a minute and a half. That was Saturday.

Today I come back to his house after work, and outside (where his lobby would be if his building wasn't being MAJORLY restored) are a bunch of RCN people giving out cable boxes to the appropriate customers. So his procrastination would have been rewarded, if I had not helped him out. I couldn't pick his box up since it is in the mail, arriving tomorrow. Also his cable does not work, absolutely, positively not work. This made him make some rather high pitched and cranky noises that conveyed his disbelief and displeasure with this situation. Never mind the fact that he is meeting me here where he will stop for five minutes before we catch a cab to a fundraiser for my theatre company. We won't be back to watch TV tonight. We won't be back until late, so late we will just go to bed. Tomorrow, he can get home and set up his brand new cable boxes.

Of course, his procrastination would be rewarded, of course it would.

Saturday, August 16, 2008


Watching them in the morning from the Boyfriend's bed. Hungover. This is the life.

Also, hungover because I randomly ran into my friend Shavahn who lives in Brisbane, Australia. She was in town for one night only, and she walked right in to Howl at the Moon. Howl at the Moon which gave Sam a card that will get him in free and let him skip the line. Yeah, he is very excited, and I mocked him.

Friday, August 15, 2008

Blog and wordle explanation

Ok, so my friend Anna made a wordle of my blog. So I made a wordle my blog.

Then she scolded me for the gigantic-ness of Alfred versus the tiny-ness of Sam and Sam's. And I thought she had a point. So I wrote yesterday's blog post. AND THEN I made a wordle of my new blog. And she accused me of cheating. And I may have perhaps gone overboard. Just a little.

So I went back and pasted all the titles and text of my blog for the month of July into a wordle. Figuring that would be a more realistic pictorial representation of my blog. You know because I only talked about Alfred pertaining to one event that got a couple of posts because I was bored.

So that explains yesterday. Also I may have made a wordle of Sally's blog that I think is really, really pretty. So I am including it. Because I like it.

Thursday, August 14, 2008

To fix my wordle (I will post the results of both later).

Sam is my boyfriend.  Boyfriend boyfriend boy friend.  Sam, Sam Sam Sam Sam Sam Sam Sam Sam.  Did I put that in enough to change the graphic?  I wonder?  Does Sam wonder?  Does Sam know?  Do you know Sam?
Sam.  Sam is Sam.  Sam is my boyfriend.

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Olympic Update

To add to my Dara Torres is clearly fudging some rules somewhere story, there is no way in Christ that some of those Chinese girls (ie Deng Linlin or something similar to that I cannot remember) are 16 years old. No, no, no, no HELLS NO!

OK, that is all.


So, I somehow have to find a great looking but not too dressy outfit for Sam's company's 10 year anniversary party which is also outdoors, oh and the outfit must be black and white ONLY because there is a dress theme. Yeah, found out about the theme today. So, tried on like every dress in Macy's that was that and less than $100. No dress yet. I will be visiting my friend Katie's closet soon though. That should help. I hope.

Also watching Olympics on TV Netflix on demand on the computer. It is the perfect balance of goodness (and you can pause the on demand if the Olympics gets too good).

Ok, that's all for now.

Thursday, August 07, 2008

Boyfriend found

So, the boyfriend was down the street at the Cheesecake Factory with Alfred.  They were fine, well as fine as can be in that restaurant, this particular version of which is bizarrely decorated.
Also, I have had honorary dykedom bestowed upon me because I am in the Ville and play such a good one.  So, there you go,  All the events of the day.  Ooooh and I got an expense check back that I forgot about.

Wednesday, August 06, 2008

My Boyfriend Is Not Really Missing

But he is not in his apartment? Is he hiding from me? I doubt it. Three hours ago he was about to go grocery shopping with Alfred (his old roommate/best buddy/coworker), and Alfred's bike is parked in his dining room. But there is no Alfred or Sam to be seen right now. Very, very strange. I have not checked the fridge for shopping purchases.

Hold on.

Fridge has lots of beer and snacks in it. They were definitely here in the three hours since I left. Very strange. I imagine he will come back sometime. I will miss him if he stays gone. Also his birthday is Friday.

Tuesday, August 05, 2008

After Vacation is totally lame

I don't want to go to work. I just want to curl up and sleep. Although my lack of allergy meds in a huge allergy time of the season may have some influence on these feelings. Trying a new allergy medicine though, we shall see how it goes.

Monday, August 04, 2008

Back in town

Although, my usefulness of day off work curtailed by rain. I am not going to drag a suitcase and wander around Chicago in the rain, at least not until I have seen all the episodes of MI:5 that are on the DVD with me here in Sam's apartment.

Reunion was mostly fun. Some of my relatives get really worked up for no reason. My sister is an early draftee of my generation to that grouping. Also children get very tall very quickly. I made it to the second round of the horseshoe tournament--with a ringer--and I played a lot of volleyball. I am now very sore, but volleyball was great fun. My cousin Brandon is a pinch older than I am and his uncle Mark and I played volleyball far away from the overexcited people and with the teenagers who thought we were all very cool.

I did get to see a bunch of my Missouri family who had flown in from out of town which was awesome! My grandmother gave me cab money and made me promise not to take the train from the airport, my mother not to be outdone also gave me cabfare, so I was totally set. Now I am back in Chicago, not working today since I came in so late last night.