Friday, August 31, 2007

Long weekend

Although I will work through part of it. It will be a moving weekend too as we move Luke Daigle in and move Jon and Sara to new digs. Plus Chris and I will have a Chris and Heather day on Monday.

Also, my lovely friend Holly got me free tickets to Cymbeline next week at the Chicago Shakespeare Festival. Hopefully it will be better then the other show that I saw there.

Work has been ridiculous this week! Today I got emails pertaining to how rude and unprofessional I am and how diligent and professional I am. Crazy person, super crazy person is the one who emailed me (well, really the CFO and then she emailed my boss and I) about me being rude, but really she is rude. I was trying to help her, and I was trying to keep her out of my hunt by asking her to sit in reception while I checked on things, but she refused to sit down and instead she followed me around and hovered outside my office and just kept coming into it. Ugh, it was infuriating, and I could find no one to help me out because it all happened before 8:45 in the morning. No one else was in here yet.

The other one was a problem I solved that was created by an idiot who used to work here but left last month. He took a check from a woman, but then never bothered to tell accounting that there was a check buried in the middle of some paperwork. So we were harassing her about non-payment. I felt terrible. So, I figured things out, fixed it, apologized, let her believe the other guy basically got fired for fucking things up (totally not true, but totally something you would read into my email if you were pissed), blamed the idiot, and reassured her we had replaced him with far more competent people (again, not so much true, his replacement also kind of a tool).

Awesome. I love work and stupid people. Mostly I love stupid people. [pause] Psych.

Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Everything Changes

Like roommates and homes. New roommate, not staying roommate. She is basically back in California for good. New apartment search is underway.

Other people seem to be pissed at me for no reason. Other people might feel differently. Mostly, I just want a nice, cheap apartment to magically appear for October, plus people to move all my stuff for free. House elves could do that, they don't have to be people.

I saw the Sound of Music last night in Grant Park under the stars. It was way fun, and Sara and Chris came with. Actually Sara Jo was totally responsible for the really awesome patch of blanket real estate we got. It ruled. Plus we booed at Nazis and cheered for nuns and got squeamish every time there was kissing and romance (and we booed for Baroness Schrader). I recommend outdoor film fests--there was a ton of people there!! I could hardly believe it when I left our seat to go pee in the middle of the boring Maria back to the abbey part. Next year everyone should come with me.

Sunday, August 26, 2007

Heather Simpson

This is my headshot as a Simpson. Thank you Burger King.

I made it through

I have been watching season three of House on DVD, and I was really scared about watching the Tritter arc. It just made me so angry when it was happening. So ANGRY!!!! A whole disc and part of two others with it being every episode? Frightening, but I finished it. Now I am just on regular schmegular episodes, episodes I have never seen. Awesome! Finally some reward.

Friday, August 24, 2007

Woo Hooo Storm!

We had a biggun last night/yesterday! You may have seen it on TV. Lots of people are without power, and my work is kind of one of them. I say kind of because we have just enough power for ComEd not to worry about fixing us, but not enough power for screen print production to work and barely enough power to do anything in embroidery, also there is no air conditioning. Yeah, it is awesome here. Not really.

Ummmm, but at least I am at work. Also someone is buying us doughnuts. That's good right?

Thursday, August 23, 2007

No takers

No one wanted to join my cult. Sally even pointed out that it wasn't really my preaching that drove them to God. All that is true. I guess that puts a damper on my cult.

I am totally sick. I was a little sick on Monday, Tuesday was crappy at regular work, so I called off second work. Then I only went in for a few hours on Monday, and I did not go in today. This evening I am feeling quite a bit better--which means my sinuses only feel about a quarter full of crap instead of brimming over with junk. Also my eyes are hardly watering, and I don't feel off balance with all the shit in my ears.

I have been watching House season 3 on DVD and the BBC documentary Jekyll and AMC's series Mad Men, so it isn't like I am not doing anything. I also did some dishes, and I may still do some laundry and clean my room again. It seems I am always cleaning my room. I don't know how I make such a mess of it so much of the time.

Chris Plummer lives here now, and I love him even if I must cancel our meetings due to illness, well and due to the fact that we are in the middle of a crazy ass thrunderstorm that has knocked some power out--not mine, obviously or this blogging thing would be very hard.

Monday, August 20, 2007


I have been finding them in things that had formerly seemed not at all my fault, nothing to do with ME, I just stumbled into them. Well, turns out if I stretch the window I am looking at out just a little bit, there is more of a pattern then I thought. I seem to like brashness that is really not much more then a thin veneer over "I don't know what the heck I am doing, but grasping at any straw that comes my way might be a good way to sum this up."

Why would I seek this out, is my new question. Do I like feeling smugly superior in a, "Yes I may be a mess but not quite as big a mess as this guy I am standing next to," sort of way? Do I have a hero complex heretofore unoticed by myself? I don't necessarily think I am one to look for or latch onto the easy answers (at least not at this stage in my life), but yet I end up with (or chasing after) guys who do. In fact, in my dating history (or would-be dating history) I am a little hard pressed to find someone who doesn't fall squarely in this category (except maybe one boyfriend way back in undergrad who I dated for like 5 minutes).

Sometimes the answers they find freak me the fuck out--see all things related to the great sad heap I became after Jesus boy dumped me for aforementioned Jesus. That was all kinds of smarting from serious betrayal--or at least that is how I felt, seriously betrayed, like he was all sneaky in falling for fundamentalist Christianity.

I have been contemplating this pattern for a few days now and the possible implications it has for me, and I have come up with a whole lot (I am really good at overanalyzing things like this), but nothing I have come up with has been very illuminating or satisfying. It just leads me to more thinking and mulling.

Thursday, August 16, 2007

Horoscope widget

On my igoogle homepage, I have a widget for my horoscope. I put it one there because I thought it would be fun and funny and a nice silly way to greet the morning at work. Now I am not so sure, because this Rick Levine guy is following me. He must be, plus he is probably listening to my thoughts because it has been creepy right on lately! I mean, I guess it could all be vague enough to be read into, but it also seems to be focusing on topics or situations that are at the forefront of my mind right now. It is kind of freaking me out.

Thank you for all the lovely feedback on my headshots (comments on Wranglers notwithstanding, yeah Lauren I am looking at you). I actually will probably use the two that you all like the most as my main two shots.

Hopefully I will blog more next week when I won't have worked over 40 hours by the time I got to bed on Wednesday night (and I haven't even seen "My Boys" yet!

Sunday, August 12, 2007

Headshots have arrived

It is bizarrely strange to look at headshots of yourself in large groups. I find it especially odd since I never really feel like they look all that much like me. Now I don't mean that I think they look way different or anything. I very much recognize close similarities to myself, but they never look quite like I think that I look. It is more like looking at photos of much older family members when they were young or even a cousin or a sister who just shares a striking resemblance.

They turned out great though. Tons of good ones to pick from which is great. There aren't too many serious faces because well my face just looks weird when I am being serious. It does. I look like I am faking--not at all what you want in a headshot. If you are on My Space, I have them posted in my photos, please have a look (I know that some of you already have) weigh in, etc. I will post a few of the top, top ones here for feedback too, and if you have a flikr account, they will be there, and I can invite you to be my friend and family so that you can look at them.

Here we go:

The second one is my favorite. :) Tell me what you think.

Oh, also, I really feel like I do not remotely look my age. I kind of knew that, but looking at some of these photos, it is astounding I have ever been able to buy drinks without getting carded! It is ridiculous how young I look. I may look older in some of my senior photos--which were taken ELEVEN years ago, right before my senior year.

Friday, August 10, 2007


I got some taken last week by Krysta--while she was in Chicago visiting. They are in the mail to me as we speak (as is the complete series of "Freaks and Geeks" and "Undeclared" because I caved and bought them--ooh, also Simpsons Road Rage Jon!!!!). I am excited! I can't wait to see the CD of them. Although this means I probably should get some use out of them which means I need to dust off the old resume and memorize some audition pieces and maybe put myself out there like Jon and Sara and Anna.

I actually feel okay with the idea whereas fairly recently, I might have cried at the thought of it. Plus, I need to reawaken the old acting/theatre muscles somehow if we are going to start a company.

Thursday, August 09, 2007

TV in my room

No cable in my room, just TV. But it has a DVD player and a VCR, and I watched a movie from my bed last night, until way too late. I was just going to watch part of the movie, but no the whole movie made me watch it, and it was only mediocre at best ("Miss Potter"). It seems I should avoid having cable in my room as that will be worse--being able to watch movies there might be bad enough. Although it might help me catch up on my Netflix.

Tonight is dinner and a movie night with my boss and my roomie (who also works with me). Plus new roomie comes back from California. We are going to a pretty fabulous restaurant where I love the food, and then to see the "Becoming Jane" movie (becuase it is official Heather watches British writers biopics night--what's next "Sylvia"?). I am excited. The movie has gotten good reviews as a light but thoroughly entertaining bit of fluffy cinema, and I am so down with that.

Also, I programmed a universal remote all by myself last night. I was pretty impressed by that feat. Usually those stupid things defeat me.

Monday, August 06, 2007

Clean room

Kind of. I mean, I dug through all sorts of stuff and pitched a bunch of trashy clothes, and got stuff together for doing laundry. And then I didn't do laundry, and then I haven't finished putting all the stuff on my bed away. It is all clothes. They just need to be hung back up in the closet or folded and put in drawers.

I also need to get the right cables to connect all of our electronics.


I noticed the other day at work that I can use a calculator just as quickly with my non-dominant hand as with my dominant one. My calculator sits to the left of me (well the physical one I use, I also usually have one open on my computer), and I noticed that at some point I stopped reaching across with my right hand to use it and started just using my left to operate it. This means I am using my mouse with my right hand and being all kinds of efficient office girl.

Who knew? I can barely make my left hand function most of the time. It is like the Boo Radley of my hands, but it sneaks out to save the day just when you least expect it.

(Although, now that I think of it, I could always switch hit back in my middle school slow pitch softball days.)

Sunday, August 05, 2007


But fortunately, only one night of work this week. There will be some cleaning (someday I swear). Today there wasn't because Lifetime movies made from Nora Roberts books were calling my name. I am whupped. I need to pay some bills and get me to bed.

Someday I will be back to being mildly interesting. Someday. Sigh.

Wednesday, August 01, 2007


My room could be classified as a national disaster area right now. It is totally a mess, and I really need to clean it up. I need to trash some stuff in it. I need to Stacey and Clintonize my wardrobe (because quite frankly a lot of it needs to be cruelly pruned--there is no reason to where clothes that you know make you look bad, and yet skipping laundry makes that seem like a good plan). Plus, that will let me know what I need to hit the american apparel and dickies websites for (yea for work perks).

I also need to find a way to hook up my television in it, and maybe even attach some cable to it (the television). DVD and cable in my very own room! Maybe Renee and I should look into what it would cost to get DVR, maybe I could have some DVR in my room? We probably have to have the cable guy come out and fix the cable right now anyway (the cable sucks and barely gives us a good picture). I bought a TV since we were losing old roommate (second hand from my boss), and then new roommate has a much bigger TV.

Hmmm. . .