Tuesday, October 25, 2005

I audition in just a few hours

For the Rex Rabold. I am going to go and get all dressed and rehearse my pieces a bit in about a half an hour, and then I am going to the theatre all ready to roll. I feel pretty good--about my pieces and also about my life as it stands right now, so it is a pretty win-win situation.

I find it strange and kind of cool that I can still log onto the computer stations at my undergrad. Strange, huh? I graduated. Whatever. Okay, that's really all that is in my brain right now.

Saturday, October 22, 2005

Stupid SBC Yahoo!

Our internet is not working, inexplicably, but yahoo will send someone for $100 to fix it up. Great, that doesn't sound like a scam at all.

Anyway, I am back in Moscow temporarily. I got up at the ass crack of dawn to catch a bus to the train to the plane, but I got here with no trouble or delays (which was great). I plan to see some friends tonight, and I will probably blog pretty regularly when I am here, and my roomate intends to have our internet crappiness figured out by the time I get back on Wednesday. Then I will blog all the time. I hope.

Oh, and Chrissy and I saw Paul McCartney on Tuesday! It was awesome and all you Missouri types who wouldn't drive up with Chrissy missed out, and I thank you so much for doing so because that meant that I got to go see him! It was an incredible event. I loved it. Thank you Chrissy a million billion times.

Monday, October 10, 2005


I apparently only write blog entries with Pirate-like titles. First off, Congratulations newly married Robyn!!!! and Joe!!!

The other big news in my life is that I got a bed, a great big one. It is in my room and tonight I get to sleep in it. This is a wonderful thing! I have been sleeping on my couch. This bed even sits on a frame, so it isn't like some sad mattresses stacked on the floor crap. It also inspired me to clean and straighten my apartment like a madwoman, so that is what I did today after it was delivered, and yes I was a good person and tipped the delivery men who brought it upstairs and set it up for me.

Okay, that is mostly all I know. Chrissy is visiting me next weekend, and Emily has a show that is opening which we (or at least I) will for sure see. Then I see Paul McCartney with Chrissy on Tuesday (not tomorrow). Then the next weekend I am back in Idaho. My parents are picking me up at the airport and we are going to the Vandal/Fresno Bulldog game with my little brother (oodles of family fun--my parents are bulldog alums). So, hopefully I will figure out my internet at home and start updating this regularly--I know I say that every time, but I swear I mean it.

Hope you all are doing well!

Monday, October 03, 2005

Once Again

We get internet this week!!!! Hurray!!! DSL, although apparently no one on earth has had an easy time getting hooked up with the company that is our provider, so we shall see. Anyway, at that point I will start posting again all regular like.

Congrats to Robyn and Joe on the whole getting married thing. That is great. Everyone in the Scow, I fly into Spokane on the 22nd and will see you all soon after.

Umm, I am working a lot right now, and that is about it. Although last week I was walking home from the train, and Holly Harper (a friend from CMS) comes out of a bar and chases me down the street. She is my neighbor here in Chicago (she lives like five blocks away), so that was cool. I really have nothing interesting to say right now.