Thursday, November 29, 2007

Sam is right about everything

He is. He just is. He isn't know-it-all about it, and he even sometimes seems embarrassed about it, like he would try to be wrong if he thought that would work. I am usually the one who is always right, and I am not so humble about it. I can be a know-it-all pain in the ass. I can. I probably am. Sam not so much. He just simply is right, and he knows a lot more stuff than I do. He is kind of amazing that way.

Amazing and a little infuriating. Last night he was even right about things he shouldn't have been right about, like how long a red hand flashes on a crosswalk and whether or not we would have time to cross. It was like the world was conspiring against me in order to make him right about absolutely everything.

And yet, we spent most of the evening laughing, even about that because Sam smiles and laughs more then pretty much anyone I have ever met. He even greets what would be totally inflaming situations for basically every other person on earth with a shrug and a smile or a giggle. I don't know what it would take to get Sam upset. It is kind of like he only has three moods happy, tired, and content. There is nothing else. He is never mad or bitter or moody. I have dated too many bitter, moody men before him, and that would make me angry at them because if they were moody or bitter I would end up being that too, or I would spend a great deal of effort trying to fix their problems or cheer them up, and none of that effort would ever be appreciated. I don't have to cheer Sam up, he does it himself. I have not had to ignore his mood to get on with the rest of our evening or day. His mood always seems to be fun, often more fun than my mood. I will gladly join his mood and go along for the ride.

OK, yeah this got mushy fast. It was not intended to be some sort of adoration of Sam and his happy smarts, but that looks like that is what it is. I wish you guys could meet him--those of you who haven't. He is great.

Wednesday, November 28, 2007

F-ing toothache

I have wisdom tooth that is coming in. After I was told 7 years ago that mine would probably never come in. Well, guess what never? Meet probably. This hurts. It has happened before, and it just hurts for a few days and then everything is back to normal. But for those few days, I understand why teething babies cry.

Took Steve McQueen to the vet. He is in remarkably good shape except for the ear mites--he's got em. Actually the vet was very impressed by what good condition he is in considering his parentage or lack thereof.

He was mostly happy about it, until the very end until it got to be too much. There was blood drawing and ear cleaning and a really big pill and being felt up and gunk rubbed on his shoulders and a shot. Plus I had locked him in the bathroom all night to get a stool sample. He was not impressed with me. In fact he kept giving me a look that said, "Lookee here bitch, we ain't doing this again! And I don't like her neither." Insert pointed look in vet's direction after.

Because of all the stuff it was a pretty spendy vet visit, but he has a little follow-up which will be cheap, then the boy bits, and then he is fine until next November when he gets the big check-up all over again.

The other cat very confused by all of this. Confused as to why Steve had to be in the bathroom all night, confused as to why he smells funny when he came back from the vet, totally confused by everything. James kept following me and Renee around and mewing at us and mewing at the door to the bathroom, like he was checking to make sure we knew that Steve was back there and it wasn't an accident. It was actually quite sweet if totally annoying.

Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Cooking with the boy

Sam is hosting a good-bye party for one of his co-workers who is leaving his company. The house is getting cleaned, he has tables and tablecloths all set out, all his glasses out, you name it, he's ready.

He is also making most of the food for the party. There are beef skewer things, lots of cookies, some chicken (which was seasoned and cooked but not sure for what), chocolate tartlets, and banana tartlets. I helped him make the banana tartlets last night. And by helped him, I may have sort of taken over. I didn't mean to be rude, but he didn't know to slice the bananas with the peel still on (way easier that way and less messy), and he was just going to randomly smush the puff pastry dough into the little tart pan cups. So, I rolled out the dough for him, and I helped make the caramel sauce the bananas were to go in while he sliced.

I may have accidentally been condescending when I saw how he was making things (with the laptop set to the food network website on the little table across from the counter and stove), but he needed assistance. We were quite funny I am sure cooking together. I am from a long line of fantastic cooks and bakers even if I have very little practice--there is a lot of helpful theory wrapped up in my brain that just shoots out at moments like this and I never even know it is there until it appears. He cooks much more frequently and ambitiously than I do, but it seems he is mostly self-taught from the recipes. He is pretty good though. I was very impressed. I would never have done the work he did for this kind of party. He is also pretty adorable for getting all excited about his party and his work for the party (he has lists for the day of and the day before the party of what needs to get done). He is adorable.

He also is being forced to watch project runway. Which he seems to be taking to all right. His tivo however, hates me and does not want me ever to see the slapultimate episode of How I Met Your Mother. However, Internet of high speed has been ordered and may be happening at my house by this weekend. We can only hope.

There, Macaela, more about the boy and a picture from when my sisters roommate was visiting (that is her coworker, her, Sam, and me at a dueling piano bar).

Monday, November 26, 2007

i am back

My trip was wonderful and relaxing. I napped a bunch, I ate a bunch more, and I may have watched as much football as done anything else.

It was my "birthday" at the restaurant we ate at after Friday shopping, and I had to wear a shark hat, so in revenge I ate the entire birthday sundae--take that thinking it funny to make me wear the dumb hat.

There was also wine tasting, and I did in fact get lost but only briefly.

It was great to see the family, and it was great to have a vacation. I am going to try having more of those.

More later.

Monday, November 19, 2007

Leaving soon, maybe not soon enough

I am just tired and done here right now. My brain left for vacation a while ago. It shows no signs of returning before my body leaves for vacation tomorrow.

Goals for vacation:
Drink wine
More sleep
Mmmmmm, raw milk
eat myself silly
not hit any deer in a rental car
not get lost while driving to my grandparents dairy farm in the middle of nowhere in the middle of the night on a road I have not been on driving for 5 years and not been on driving at night in at least 7, so this last one could be tricky

also there might be karaoke.

There may not be a lot of posting from the middle of nowhere, it all depends on if I want to fire up someone else's computer that is on, gasp, wireless internet.

Have a happy t-day all!!!

Friday, November 16, 2007

Long days but vacation ahead.

Whew has this week been a week. And the few days of the weekend and the next week before the vacation will also be long. I seem to constantly fill my time with things and stuff. I wish more of it was family and friends and a little less of it was work. Although, when I was less busy with work and had only one job, I spent less time with friends and more time watching my netflix movies and tv. So, I guess this is good. I guess.

Tonight some friends will gather to watch a Tivo'd Project Runway, I cheated and already watched a bit and peeked online to see who got booted, but I am excited anyway. And Sam seems excited too, even though he is not a fan of the show (yet I say) and we are taking over his house and his tivo to see it. He is so wonderful to me. It is nice and strange, like I keep waiting for the other shoe to drop. But I guess it is good that it doesn't. Not that I think he influences my thinking that it will--this is pretty much all of my own neuroses.

Hmm, me neurotic. I know, who saw that coming?

Thursday, November 15, 2007

I met the parents and other relationship related topics

Because it turns out Sam and I are in a relationship, and I like it that way and it seems he does too--although we haven't really talked about. The signs are all there. My last relationship (and I am not counting the almost relationship I kind of had this summer because of all the qualifiers involved) suffered from me being way too clingy and forcing myself into his life which turns out he didn't like, so this time I want to avoid that. Last time I didn't really give it much thought. This time I have tried to make sure I am not just assuming he wants me to come over or assuming he wants to come over, but frequently he invites me over or just bundles me into a taxi back to his house.

Speaking of his house, the doormen of his building lent us a Mies van der Rohe documentary last night, and it was very surreal to watch a documentary about a building (well one segment only) that you are actually in while you are watching it. Very odd, but the movie "Super or Regular" does capture the beauty of his building which on first glance looks like a lot of other glass and steel apartment buildings. You wouldn't know that it was the first one ever and that they were not sure people would want to live in a house with floor to ceiling windows.

Also the reults of the parent meeting went well. His parents are wonderful, smart, funny, lively people. I loved them. He said they liked me and gave me no further information. My sister saw photos of the two of us and told me that we look alike. Which I guess I kind of see, but also no. Her roommate thinks she is crazy. I include a picture of us here for your curiousity. Sara took it at our housewarming party way back when we were barely dating. Also there was drinking at the party and SJ was not always giving fair warning that pictures were going to happen.

I am trying to think if there is anything much exciting else to tell but not really no. I guess that is all exciting enough.

Friday, November 09, 2007

Sorry about that!

Jim's rule is now taken to heart--no sad awful scary VAGUE blog posts. I resolve to get specific when talking about the awful.

I left the full story in the comments of the last post. For those who are interested. It isn't even that good of a story. It will be a total let down, and chances are you will mock me for it.

Tonight I meet Sam's parents. They are in town. I have only known Sam for a little under two months, so I admit to being a lot freaked out by this. Not by meeting them. I am sure they are lovely because Sam is pretty wonderful, so how awful could they be and end up with Sam? I am more freaked out at the idea of already meeting them. ALREADY. This seems soon. I guess. It makes us seem very serious. I mean, I guess we are serious--but very serious is something I am perfectly content to pretend isn't happening until long after it is already true and this whole meeting the parents thing might gum that up. Yeah, plus I want them to like and approve of me. They seem to think their sons are amazing, so I want to be someone they deem worthy. I washed my hair for them. And I am wearing way nicer clothes to be a Pier 1 Assistant Manager than I normally would. So that should fix everything, right? I still look like me though. I don't want them to meet a not me. Then what will they think if they meet me a second time. Perhaps it is too early in the morning to be writing about this?

Thursday, November 08, 2007

Totally sick to my stomach

Over something that might be quite bad or might be nothing at all. See at this juncture I just have no idea. I will know when I get home from work but not until then. Hopefully, it is nothing. Hopefully someone was being helpful in a way that turned out just to scare us to death and minorly inconvenience us but not mess anything up in any way.

Or not. I don't want to think about the not. And yet I can feel the not hanging over me and settling in my stomach like a stone. I will update tomorrow. Man, oh man.

Wednesday, November 07, 2007


Posting from the big ole CPL downtown. I stayed off from work today and went to the Chicago History Museum, rode the L, went to Millenium Park, and near Navy Pier (ran out of time)--can you tell I was playing tour guide?

It was great fun, and then I went to the Museum of Contemporary Art--which has some really phenomenal installations right now. Mapping the self made me wish I had enough free time to create some sort of map of me and my life.

Tonight or in the next few days I might meet Sam's parents. They are coming into town from Tulsa tonight for a conference. I am kind of nervous. Plus I think it is weird. Not bad weird but, I don't know sudden--but it isn't like they are making a special trip up or something. They are just coming to town and they only come up every once in a while. So yeah.

Must go--plans in my busy life and day!

Tuesday, November 06, 2007

People, people, people

In town. My sister's roomie is in town, and Sam is helping me be a wonderful tour guide. They came to my show last night, and then we went out to hear some live music and drink some martinis which was fun (but I was pretty tired after my post-show wired wore off). Tonight we are going out again, but I must first visit my polling place to vote and return a movie to blockbuster and hug my cat a little. Tonight we are going to a dueling piano bar that is apparently the most fun ever--Sam loves it and the guests are psyched.

Also, my friend Jamie and I wrote a drinking game to go along with a DVD of the truly horrid version of A Chorus Line I was in during grad school (because I know I am the first person you think of when you think professional Broadway dancer--and sadly I was one of the more like Broadway professional dancer in our cast). This weekend it is going to be put to use. Jamie and I tell my roommate about it all the time at work and Sam has heard it from Anna and I too--so Sam and Renee get introduced to it this weekend. It should be pretty funny.

Here are the rules: (Please note Susan played "Cassie" and Amanda was our choreographer--she had only 1 and 1/2 arms and played the role of the assistant choreographer in the show)

A Chorus Line: The Drinking Game

 Half of the people are odd numbers half even numbers, drink every time one of your numbers is called

 Anytime Amanda tries to demonstrate a dance move with a hand or arm that doesn’t exist, take a shot

 Every time Susan/Cassie does her wavy hand gesture

 Anytime someone claims to be of a race they clearly are not or participates in a racial stereotype, take a drink.

 Drink if they reference someone famous from the past.

 Drink if they reference a member of their family, two drinks if it isn't a parent

 Anytime someone references sex or a human body part, drink

If you are familiar with the show, you can see how we might get bad shitty real fast!

In lieu of contest, please try to quote lyrics from as many songs from A Chorus Line as possible without repeating a song.

Friday, November 02, 2007

So it turns out

Sam has been blowing his friends off to hang out with me, or so they think! I told him to stop doing that. Please spend time with your friends, so I am not THAT girlfriend. So tomorrow he is hanging out with his guys. It cracks me up.

New quiz:
What if everyone is crazy?
What if the person who comes to save us all is crazy?
What if the people in charge, arbitrarily assign crazy?
What would you do?
Who would save us all?

Thursday, November 01, 2007

New Quiz

So I went out last night on Halloween, and it was fun, but I am pooped. After work tonight, sleeping is happening. Lots of sleeping, and this time I mean it. Maybe some cat cuddling, that might happen too.

The kittens are friends. I keep meaning to take pictures, but they stop being cute once I get it out. Soon, soon. Maybe boy pictures will come soon too.

Next musical is probably giving you all way, way too easy of a clue.

It would've been more interesting with a landgrab.