Friday, June 30, 2006


I got to wear jeans to work today, and it was way strange--even though I had been looking forward to it forever. It was just weird to be in jeans and at work.

I need to start working out, but that would be easier if I didn't have four episodes of 6 feet under and Barton Fink begging me to watch them.

Thursday, June 29, 2006

At least I don't work for the devil

Spent the unexpected day off reading most of "The Devil Wears Prada" and at least my nanny people--though flaky--were mostly nice. They are also going to at least attempt to find me something similar among their friends. Wouldn't that be cool? Or would it? Who knows. May look for some sort of waitress gig in my new neighborhood. Also will need to start packing soon, very soon.

Maybe today.

Birthday here and there

So, I had a wonderful game night with roommates of all sorts last night. There was a lot of tequila sunrise and some fn games at Janna and Renees with Sabrina. I have found that I am not good at getting people to come to parties, but that it doesn't matter because who does come has a wonderful time--even if it is a small one (the party not the time).

I was however let go from my babysitting gig during my brithday party. Oh yeah. They found someone who can come four days a week for the mornings, and I could never (and would never do that). I guess that means that I will be looking for a new job or a new second job or something. I was hoping to not have to do that for a while, but. . .

Oh well, I knew that wasn't a permanent gig. I just kind of came to count on it, and the money it brought in. At least I had saved enough money up to move.

Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Hot for Sorkin

So, I just watched the preview for Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip that NBC has on their website and I think I would have sex with Aaron Sorkin right now if he were in the room with me. I liked it that much (in spite of the very, very, VERY blatant "Network" rip offs in it). It even made me like Amanda Peet. Dude, I can't wait for September.

New Driver's License

My face looks thinner then it does in my other recent ID photos. This makes me wonder if my face actually is thinner or if it was the state of IL camera? Also it didn't take as long as I thought it would, and I did much better on the test then I thought I would (missed two signs, generic-y ones with nothing on them and would have things on them in the real world). Besides it isn't like I will be doing much driving with this license anyway. Mostly I need it to buy liquor and get into bars.

I am having a little birthday party tomorrow (which is my actual birthday). There will be some playing of games and some meeting of friends. It should be fun. Have been reading a lot today. Been kind of nice.

In a sidebar that I wish I didn't care about, Patrick deleted me from his friends on my space. He deleted me. That means he had to push a button that said 'delete from friends' which I guess makes it pretty clear how he feels about me. This made me only a little sad and really kind of pissed off. How rude! I mean come on. Our break up was not that horrific, was it? I mean I did cry a whole lot in his apartment, but it was his choice and he seemed fairly okay with it, so if anyone was to be deleting people from their lives, I think it should be me who gets that privilege in this situation.

Although what if you could do that? Just delete someone or something from your life. Like they never happened. You never have to run into them again or see any trace of them in pictures or your contacts list in your email account or anything? Doesn't that seem very dangerous? Things to think about.

Monday, June 26, 2006

Radio Shout out

Oh yeah, Jeff Simmons just gave me a shout out on the Portland Radio Authority while I was listening to it online and almost live (a few seconds behind). That's pretty cool, and so is his show (see country feedback on myspace). I enjoyed it very much as I surfed the net and reordered my netflix queue. Three cheers for the internet and how it brings peeps together so easily and quickly.

Home in bed with a migraine

No babysitting, no work, just bed and laptop and a few episodes of MI5 and Must Love Dogs and Sabrina's bday present to me of Rent (the movie) and a few books and some M&M's. And I thought a queensized bed would be big enough for me, but maybe not. It is definitely getting crowded in here.

Will come up for air tomorrow--to get a new IL driver's liscense. Woo hoo. And I turn 27 on Wednesday. I stayed up way too late last night talking on the phone with my darling Mark Peterson. Maybe we shall have to get married earlier then 40 or when he turns 40. Hmmmmmm. . .

Back to my pillow.

Friday, June 23, 2006

Here is a good picuture of the hair, and a good picture of me making a weird face

That is my roomate Sabrina in the background and my free birthday sundae in the foreground. They sang me the birthday song, because yes we have a birthday here.

"I can't like this"

That is what the two year old says when he doesn't like something. Like veggie hummus instead of regular hummus. This amuses me to no end. "I can't like this."

I can however like Field Trip Birthday. It was a small group (just six of us), and we had a great time. I got a little drunk--empty stomach, lots of hard a. Whatever, it was my birthday. They sang me the birthday song and I got a free sundae. We got loss and had to stop for directions no less then three times to get there--Google maps sucks! Very pleasant all around.

Umm, that is all I know. I am way tired lately since my life has been so full of stuff outside of my regular two jobishness, but in a good way. There just needs to be some more sleeping in for me sometime soon. Tomorrow will work.

Plus, I may have broken a bone in my hand, or just bruised my hand very badly, getting off the bus. It hurts like a mofo.

Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Trying Margaret's idea

Warning these pictures are not very demonstrative--as my sister said on my space, you can't tell much by them, it's just . . . short. Also, the one of all of me is distorted due to it being the reflection of me in a big curvy, shiny, statue. More this weekend, I swear.

2 pictures up

Only two. In one it is hard to see the hair since it is a picture of my reflection in the bean (a giant shiny sculpture in downtown Chicago's Millenium Park), and the other is just of my wet, post-shower head. All in al not the best representatives of the new doo. However, seeing my friend Brian's band and going on field trip birthday in the next two days and the camera will be out and about. So, there should be better ones by next week.

Oh yeah, they are on my myspace profile.

Tuesday, June 20, 2006


I saw the dancing in the founain on the weekend, but it was Joffrey affiliated high schoolers and not the Joffrey dancers themselves. The dance was splashy-splashy and kind of fun, but the day was roasty-toasty hot! I also managed to run into my friend Angie from U of I who is moving here in the fall, but isn't here yet.

She was sitting in the park with the company she has been hird to company manage here and with a former crush/obsession of mine. Anyway, I just ran over and hugged her and ran away since they seemed to be having a meeting, and I didn't want to be teribly rude but had to hug Angie. Fortunately Paul was there to explain to the other three or four people who the fuck I was. However, neither of them noticed my newly short hair. That was sad. Actually they may have and I had already left. BTW, pictures up at least on my space by the time I go to sleep tonight.

Friday, June 16, 2006

I swear pictures are coming of the new hair

Everyone who has seen it in person has given it rave reviews. It looks much better with the glasses then the old hair, and the consensus is that it makes me look younger and more fun and mor mature all at once. The younger and more fun thing is way true, and the more mature comes from it looking like I have become enough of a grown-up to go to a stylist instead of just growing and growing my hair forever. I just need to get batteries for the camera, and I intend to tomorrow morning.

The weird thing is I feel kind of like I am in a commercial for my life or something right now. I know that is weird to say, but I feel that way. I am like extra happy bubbly pleasant version of me or something.

Also, I went to see the Joffrey Ballet last night for free, and they were fantastic. There was this fabulous piece with men without shirts and women in little leotard things that mae them all nearly naked. After watching this piece I began to think all ballet would be much more interesting this way and not just because I like looking at beautiful half-naked (or all naked) male bodies. Seeing the breath and the strain of the dancers and watching the sweat begin to roll off of their bodies made the emotionally wrenching piece so much more compelling. Tomorrow I watch them dance in Crown fountain. Can't wait.

Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Dreamer not a Doer

That is what I am. I feel like I have all these big plans and ideas, and as they float around in my head during the week day and on the train they seem incredible, but I never seem to be able to put them into action. I feel like I am all talk.

It is true that I probably don't try hard enough or perservere long enough for things to really take hold, but the killer is I do actually try, but nothing seems to happen. The concepts I come up with for a play or a novel never seem to stick to the page without seeming trite and cliched. It is easier to veg at my house then get off my ass and do something--plus wireless internet means there are always unlimited time-wasting possibilities a short mouse click away. I also wonder if I really care to work on the actuality of something and deal with all the bullshit of real life instead of reveling in the pure simple joy of fantasy daydreams? Some days I would like to climb into them as if they were on the other side of the looking glass. Escape is what I want, but not in a desperate, sad sort of way--more in a tired, bored, and a wee bit exasperated sort of way. I am the current queen of the the grass is greener.

Also, I have officially stepped over the line to being the crazy girl. I chopped off my hair in front of the mirror yesterday (an obligatory scene showing the descent into madness), and I saved the hair (for future pictures when I remember to buy batteries for the digi-camera) in a plastic bag in my room. Let's face it, any way you look at that last bit I come out at least a little crazy. Plus I kind of want to figure out some way to keep it forever. Holly suggested I make it into a little throw pillow for my couch, and I am sincerely tempted. The one sign of hope that I am not completely gone is that when she suggested I send it to an ex-boyfriend, I realized that would be crazy in the bad stalked creepy way. I am definitely not going to be sending my hair to anyone. I am keeping it for me or throwing it out (after I have taken pictures of it). Maybe Brock Fisher wants it to make a sweater.

Maybe I should have named this post descent into madness?

Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Again, so soon

I think a blind man just tried to trip me on the street. As, I walked past he stuck his foot out, and I am pretty sure it was not in a stretching way; I think it was in a get your attention way, so that I would give him money. Anyway, are blind beggars suppossed to do that?

Also, this is for Jim, I just saw my first Superman Returns trailer, and I think going to it will make a lovely birthday present for myself. Also, if I could have Superman for my birthday (in a Lois Lane sort of way), that would be good too.

Carrie Bradshaw, meet my hair

Meet my hair because I cut it. I cut it--not I had it cut, and it is shorter. Kind of a lot--at least 8 inches shorter all over. Now it hits a little below my chin to right at my shoulders in front and the tops of my shoulder blades in the back (which may get shorter as I take a look at it dry). Before the scissors, it was at my boobs in front and to my butt almost in the back. Yeah, it is shorter.

It was exhilarating to cut it. I wasn't planning on it being this short--it just kind of happened, but it is great to have it short. I liked having long hair in theory, but it went up into a ponytail a lot of the time, so I obviously wasn't a huge fan of it in practice. Plus it is way healthier (what is left of it). I will be posting pictures soon--of the new hair and also of the wastebasket full of chopped off hair. Stay tuned (although they may get posted on my space or my yahoo photo album because I am not sure how to post them here, and if it is too hard I will just put them elsewhere).

Friday, June 09, 2006

Trying to cook and 2 yr old cheddar

I am trying to cook my dinner tonight for real. I have a chicken breast marinating in Italian dressing, and I have a yellow pepper I am going to George Foreman in oil. I already had appetizers of some amazing 2 year old cheddar, a braeburn apple, and some crusty french bread. However, the artichoke I splurged on was terrible. Just bad. Not at all good and a horrible disappointment.

I feel like my blog only ever talks about the minutiae of my life, and that makes me want to start taking in a bigger picture of the rest of the world. I don't really know how I would do that though--I mean, it may require me to have information regarding the rest of the world.

Also, a la my space, I did a "Heather needs" Google search and #1 was MEN . . . NOW! followed by 'two therapists' and 'to start wearing a brassiere' and 'to go to the dolly hospital and get operated on.' I am not exactly sure what is goin to happen to me at the dolly hospital, but I am in fact wearing a brassiere. The two therapists are a distinct possibility but what would that do to the first answer if in fact the therapists were to be men?? That is what I am talking about.

I actually have no idea what that last bit meant.

Thursday, June 08, 2006

Dead Men?

Was it really necessary for the news networks to show the dead big bad dude who was just killed? I mean, really? I believe that there are a bunch of people who's job it is to make sure he really is dead, and I don't need to see his big dead face on my tv. I also feel they could show me a picture of any dead dude and I wouldn't know who it was. I just don't want to see dead dudes on my tv.

I have also sent out field trip birthday invitations, so if you live in Chicago check your email and your my space account to get it.

Wednesday, June 07, 2006


Thank God! Showers and bathing are good things. Also, I have discovered that I am not above bribing small children to get them to do what I want. I am unscrupulous in those matters--apparently. Although I have a magic touch when putting them down for naps and bedtimes--which really means they know I won't let them off the hook by pouting or screaming, they must give the sleeping a fair try.

Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Our bathtub no longer drains

It has been partly full of water for almost 30 hours now, and no one has come to fix it. Hello? That is the good part of living in an apartment complex--people come and fix things in a timely manner, or not in my case.

I spent the whole day doing nothing because it was my first day off of nothing in almost a month. Woo hoo--something like eight or ten episodes of west wing season 1 watched today.

Sunday, June 04, 2006

V. Funny

So the other night I was goofing off in my room with my digital camera and some bright red lipstick. My goal was to see if it was remotely feasible for me to take a photo in my room with my little camera that could be used as a headshot without looking like I took it in my room with my digital camera and no photography skills. I just was trying to see what would happen. Then I posted the best shot of the group (most of which were way crappy, but with the digital you just hit erase) on my space, and I got like four or five comments on it in two days. Everyone loved it. I was just goofing off and I thought it turned out nice enough to be a new update to the photos I have on there. Now I am seriously contemplating if I could crop it or photoshop it enough to work as a headshot (in color--since they do that now--maybe), but I doubt it. It will just be way too different and look like I don't know what I am doing. If you want to check it out and don't have me as your MySpace friend already feel free to go to here and check it out.

Friday, June 02, 2006

I bought the best one

I bought this beautiful footed hurricane made of blue glass of light and dark shades swirled together today. It was half off and really pretty, and it will look really pretty in my room once I put my whole room together--although that seems unlikely to happen until after I move (the room putting together), but I know my new address now.

It makes me happy. I also bought a birthday card for my sister. Really big exciting day today I know!

Thursday, June 01, 2006

Good Mail

I got an invitation to Amy & Jim's wedding in the mail today. Now I just need to figure out how to swing it. We shall see. It shouldn't be too bad if I can get the time off.

Also, I don't think I ever want to have kids. I say this because of the nanny job, but not because the kids are horrible or anything but more because of the pressure. If I have kids I will be responsible for their very existence--all of the time! Also, if they are crappy or weird or screwed up or horrible people, it would be my fault because I either screwed them up or didn't protect them enough from whatever it is that did screw them up. That is way too much pressure.

This stemmed from the 2-year-old being kind of a craphead today. Also have now seen both of the parents in their skivvies (the dad as he opened the door to me this morning--in boxers so it wasn't completely weird but weird--and the mom as she was getting ready), and I have also been present for some fighting. It was a little uncomfortable and totally weird.