Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Some Things Don't Seem To Change

Like me and my constant what to define my life with struggle.  The last post (months ago--sorry ya'll) was all about it.  And my friend Jim posted in the comments that to define myself by a single line or word seemed limiting, and he asked if I really wanted to limit myself?  He's absolutely right.  I don't.

And let's face it, a lot of the worry in that post had to do what other people would think about me, and I ought to focus on living a life (work and all) that I think well of.  Well at the very least constantly aspiring to that.

I'm much better at ironing out my life so I get up and I accomplish things both for the household and myself.  We've been eating very well at home lately.  I have written basically nothing towards any romance novels, but I have finished what feels like a gabillion quilts.  And actually, I am going to start selling quilts.  Just baby ones and some throw quilts that are not time intensive, so I don't have to charge a fortune for them.  It will be a start.

It stemmed from a conversation that the fiancee and I had over dinner last week about finances and worry about money.  I am getting X amount to use to build up some stock and the idea is that if nothing else at least I will make quilting a hobby that is a wash rather than an expense and WHO KNOWS if anything more could/will come out of it.  So, if you want fun modern baby quilts, call me!  Or really email me.

Also we addressed some big clouds that had been hanging around off and on over the finances lately with the biggest fix being both of us accepting that just because he is good with money in manner A does not mean that I can be good with money in that way, but I can be great with money if we use manner B for me even though he thinks that I should be driven insane by living that way.  Major lesson learned there: we are not the same and cannot be expected to do things the same way with the same degree of success.  So we each are dealing with our portion of the family budget in entirely different ways!  Yeah that was one we should've figured out MONTHS ago.


jim said...

I want a fun modern baby quilt, but I don't know what use I'd have for it ... I'll let you know after I make a baby. :)

jim said...

Not that I'm actively working on it, or anything.