Friday, May 15, 2009

New Modern Wing of the Art Institute of Chicago

It is a truly gorgeous space.  It feels like you are in a piece of art, or more like a generous, glorious frame.  The views are gorgeous, and along the side of the building that has the truly amazing ones overlooking Millenium Park, they have done a good job of staging art that seems to be complimented by it.  A lot of the stuff are old favorites from the collection which is nice (good to see the Picassos and the Pollock and the Chagall's and the Braques and all that and the Joan Miro and my favorite Spanish Dancer painting, oh and the candy pile that makes me sad and want to take a piece but I never do now that I know it symbolizes the death of the lover it is in memorial to), but other things are new or at least much less exhibited than the ones I listed above.
A video installation called "Clown Torture" which is so bizarre and so hilarious, made more hilarious by the many, many people who either clearly don't get it, just don't like it, or are scared of clowns.  It just made me laugh and laugh.  A giant fallen log made from a cast of a giant fallen log that was then carved in a different kind of wood, creepy lynching wallpaper room, and the room chock full of Joseph Cornell boxes were some of my favorites.  I bet I will go back to that room over and over because I feel like those boxes will reveal new things each time.  They are so beautiful but so lonely.


Sally said...

Joseph Cornell is/was amazing.

I am so jealous.

I know what you mean about that candy pile. It's beautiful and subversive and you feel like you're taking something precious--stealing it--from the artist. Even thought that's the whole point.

I can't believe I'll soon be living in that same city. EEEEEE!!!

Heather K said...

The modern wing is so gorgeous. $80 a year is dirt cheap to get to go there whenever you want especially considering you can bring a friend and go to all the special exhibits that cost extra for free and bring a friend!

Plus it is really incredible to feel that you can just wander in and out of a magical collection like that and not have to see everything. I find myself just visiting at lunch for like 20 minutes in one room and not exploring everything which is a new way for me to approach museums as I used to only see them occasionally and have a very finite time to see everything.